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Multimeters are the most used device in electrical troubleshooting. They are used for a variety of tests. These tests are related to current, voltages, resistance, temperature and cycles etc. Several factors affect the choice of the multimeter. The most important factor is the use of the multimeter and the second most important factor is the price of the multimeter. These multimeters can cost from dozens of bucks up to a thousand. Sometimes it’s not necessary to invest in the big costly multimeters if the job can be done with relatively cheaper and budget multimeters.

A quick comparison of our picks has been given in below.




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AstroAI DM6000AR Digital Multimeter

• Auto Ranging

• Temperature

Klein Tools MM700

• Auto Ranging
• Fused
• Temperature

 INNOVA 3320 

• Auto Ranging
• Rugged Body

• Backlit LCD

Etekcity MSR-R500 Multimeter

• Manual Ranging

• Backlit LCD 
• Cheap
• Compact Size

Here we present the best budget multimeters. This list contains the best budget multimeters that one can buy for great value for money. These multimeters are suitable for home electrical troubleshooting, DIY projects and casual beginners. All these multimeters have identical features with a slight difference. You can get a more personalised and more desirable multimeter after going through this list of multimeters.

Most Affordable and Budget Multimeters


1. AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000


AstroAI is not only recommended for DIY lovers and home technicians, but it is also pretty much suitable for professionals. These multimeters carry many features which are only present on the high end and expensive multimeters. For example, it can check the temperature of a surface with a range of -40F to 2000F.

Some of the features which make this device unique are listed here.



Unlike manual ranging, where a user has to rotate the knob to select the appropriate range, this multimeter is auto-ranging. Auto-ranging saves a user from a lot of hassle. This makes the multimeter easy to use. Any newbie can easily get this multimeter working.

Safety and Durability

To protect the device from high current and voltage fluctuations, this device comes with a fuse fitted in it. The fuse is anti-blasting and it is made of ceramic. The fuse is rated at 10A/600V. This type of fuses does not explode upon current or voltage overload, rather it melts the wire silently and disconnects the circuit of the probe, hence avoiding the explosion. This multimeter is also CAT-III certified.

This is a strong and durable multimeter. It has an ergonomic design and looks solid. This multimeter is rugged with software rubber which can protect it from accidental falls.

Accuracy and Precision

Because this multimeter is low in price, does it mean its not accurate? No, this multimeter as very good precision and accuracy. The precision and accuracy are well enough to handle all day to day tasks of a professional mechanic or DIY lover. A person who is cautious about the accuracy and precision of the device should buy this at a cheap price.

Auto Power-off

Usually, the batteries in multimeters are not rechargeable. They have to be replaced if they run out of juice. Saving the batteries is critical in multimeters. Auto power-off function in AstroAI TRMS 6000 can turn off the device if it goes unused for a certain amount of time.

Positive Rating

This is in demand multimeter. Thousands of units have been sold and the general belief about this multimeter is positive. Most people have appreciated the quality and value of money.

Large LCD

This device has a large LCD. A big LCD ensures that all digits and reading is clearly visible. For a darker environment, this LCD comes with a backlit. The Backlit can be turned on by pressing the dedicated backlit key. The backlit remain on for up to 10 seconds. This feature is usually present in high-end expensive multimeters.

Temperature Measurement

Measuring the temperature is not a common feature of a budgeted and mid-range multimeter. AstroAI TRMS 6000 comes with temperature probes. It has the ability to measure the temperature from -40F to 1200F. A user can place the thermocouple temperature probe on the surface to measure its temperature.

Supported Test

The following tests are supported by the AstroAI TRMS 6000.

  • AC and DC Current Test
  • AC and DC Voltage Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Capacitance Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Temperature Test
  • Transistor and Diode Tests
  • Multi Tests are supported
  • Auto Ranging
  • Explosion Proof Fuses
  • Great Value for Money
  • Explosion Proof Fuses
  • Hanging by Magnetic
  • No Riggid Body
  • Kicktand does not work as intended


2. Klein Tool MM400

klein tools mm400

MM series of Klein Tools packs a variety of multimeters. These multimeters range from the cheapest to the most expensive multimeter of the series. MM400 is the multimeter which is neither as cheap as MM100 nor as expensive as MM1000 is. MM400 offers a decent set of functionality for a very budget price.

The design is pretty and neat. It comes with a rubber holder to hang the multimeter in the workplace. It can measure resistance up to 40M Ohm. It also supports voltages up to 600V for DC and AC. This is one of the best multimeters at this price and it is equally useful for both professionals and hobbyists.


Following are the features which make this multimeter stands out from the rest.

Auto Ranging

In this price section, Some multimeters don’t have auto-ranging. But this multimeter comes with auto-ranging. Auto-ranging allows the multimeter to select the range automatically. The user doesn’t have to rotate the knob and select the appropriate range.  This enables the newbies to use the multimeter without any hassle.

Temperature Measuring Support

This is a midrange and best budget multimeter yet it supports the measurement of temperature. This is an uncommon feature in this price segment. Temperature measuring probes are shipped with the multimeter. These probes can be placed on the sample unit to check the temperature of the unit.


This multimeter comes with a big noticeable LCD. The LCD is big enough to let the user view it clearly. LCD also as other symbols and indicator. The display also has a low battery indicator which triggers when the battery falls to a certain limit. Unfortunately, this display lacks a backlight. However, it is a decent display even without a backlight.

Auto Shut and Data Hold

Klein Tools MM400 comes with a dedicated button for Data hold functionality. Data hold functions allows the user to freeze the screen and keep the data on the screen for a while for later readings. The dedicated button can toggle on/off this feature.

This device also has an auto-shut option. The multimeter will shut itself down if it is not used for a certain. This device will auto turn off. This saves the battery from draining out.

Durability and Safety

The design of the multimeter is rugged. The whole multimeter is housed inside a rubber housing which acts as a safeguard during fall and protects the multimeter from getting damaged. This multimeter has rugged look and feels sturdy in hand with a good grip.

It is CAT-III certified at 600V. The device comes with a fuse that protects it from sudden peaks and fluctuations in the current and voltages.

Supported Tests

Following tests are supported by Klein Tools MM400 multimeter

  • AC and DC Current Test
  • AC and DC Voltage Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Capacitance Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Temperature Test
  • Transistor and Diode Tests
  • Support a variety of Tests
  • Auto Ranging
  • Durable and Rugged
  • Great Value for Money
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Not a TRMS multimeter
  • Accuracy Suffers while taking sensitive Measurements


3. INNOVA 3320 Multimeter


Innova 3320 is a rugged multimeter. It is the best budget and does not cost as much as other premium rugged multimeters cost. It is one of the most budget multimeters you can buy.  It has relatively high accuracy and precision as compared to other multimeters in this price range. It has a rugged body and has probe holders made out of it on the sides. This is an auto-ranging multimeter. It can adjust the range by itself according to the load of the electrical component attached to it for testing. It is suitable for home diagnosis, automotive diagnosis, DIYers and professionals. It can test the DC batteries.


Notable features of INNOVA 3320 are given here.

Durable and Rugged Body

This multimeter has a very rugged and durable body. All corners are protected by rubber. It feels sturdy in hand.

Battery Tests

INNOVA 3320 can be doubled as an automotive multimeter as it has the ability to perform battery tests. It can test the load on a DC battery and check other electrical components for fault.

Low Battery Indicator

INNOVA 3320 is powered by a non-rechargeable battery. To keep an eye on the battery, this multimeter has 3 dedicated lights. Greenlight represent sufficient battery levels. It turns yellow when the battery becomes weak and turns red if the battery is low and need immediate replacement.


This multimeter is safety ratted at CAT-III for 600V. It also has a dual fuse system to protect it from sudden surges and burning. Therefore it is both safe and trustworthy.

Supported Test

Following tests are supported by this multimeter.

  • Transistor Test
  • Diode Test
  • AC and DC Current Test
  • AC and DC Voltage Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Continuity Test
  • External Current Test
  • Battery Load Test
  • Resistance, Voltage and Current Measurements
  • Multiple Tests
  • Auto Ranging
  • Rigid Body
  • Support Battery Testing
  • Large LCD
  • Comes with Warranty
  • Can’t Measure Capacitance and Temperature
  • No Backlit LCD


4. Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter

etekcity MSR-R500

Unlike the other multimeters in this list, Etekcity MSR-R500 is a mini multimeter. Despite being smaller in size does not mean that this multimeter is any less than others. It is a handy tool that can fit into the pocket. Small size enables the multimeter to be carried anywhere. This can help in the quick diagnosis of home or automotive wiring. This is a manual ranging multimeter. That’s mean it is not suitable for the newbies. However, a little education can guide any user to use this meter as intended. This multimeter can be used as a backup multimeter or on a go multimeter. Using it as the main multimeter by a professional mechanic is not recommended at all. This concludes our list of the best budget-friendly multimeters.


Etekcity MSR-R500 comes with the following features:


There is a clear and appealing display that updates three times per second. This has a large dial. Because the multimeter is not auto-ranging. It may be difficult for newbies to get used to it even with that big size and clear marking. A user can set the dial to the expected range. If the set range is not corrected and the input voltage or current is out of range, the multimeter will display “OL” on the screen to warn the user to change the dial.

This also has a Hold button. The hold button allows the reading to stay on the screen for a while. This is helpful when the user is taking notes of the reading or the reading is unstable. Pressing again the same button resets the screen and the multimeter become ready to take another reading.


This multimeter is base and maybe the cheapest in the market. Yet it does not look so cheap. It is nicely built. This multimeter feels sturdy and looks good in its hands. It is packed in a rubber housing which protects it from drops at a certain level.


Although the display is not the nicest one. But it is good for the price. A small LCD is clear to see and also has a backlight. For the backlight, this mini multimeter has a dedicated button. The button can be used to toggle off/on the light.

Supported Test

The following tests are supported by the MSR-R500.

  • DC Current Test
  • AC DC Voltage Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Capacitance Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Transistor and Diode Test
  • Very Budget Friendly
  • Baklit LCD
  • Hold Button
  • Contiunity Sound
  • Small and Leight-weight
  • Manual Ranging
  • No Fuse
  • No AC current Supported


Final Words

There are many multimeters that are cheap, expensive or anything between these. Expensive multimeters usually contain a lot o feature which is not present in the low-end devices. On the other hand, low-end multimeters are too basic to perform any professional job. Finding a multimeter that is both within the budget and has all the great functions. You should buy a multimeter if it suits your needs. We have put forth our list of the best budget and budget-friendly multimeters.

For the most budget-friendly Multimeter, Our final choice is AstroAI TRMS 6000. It is not only budget-friendly but also has a solid body, considerable good accuracy, temperature measurement and large backlit LCD. It is protected by fuses against unexpected surges. It is safety rated for CAT-III. We recommend this multimeter for anyone, either be it a professional, hobbyist or an auto mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I choose a multimeter?

You should buy a multimeter based on these factors

  • Price: The cost of the device or kit
  • Accuracy: how accurate the readings are
  • Working Mode: Manual Range or Auto Ranging
  • Durability and Safety: How durable and how safe it is
  • Features: Which type of readings and under which range they are available

Can a multimeter explode?

Multimeters themselves don’t explode as they are protected with fuses. Multimeters have fuses to protect them against sudden surges and peaks which is beyond the range of the multimeters. Good multimeters use non-exploding fuses which got burned without producing fire and explosion. However, bypassing the fuses or using the wrong fuses can cause the multimeters to catch fire and produce arc flash.

Can you get electrocuted using a multimeter?

If a multimeter is set to read voltages, the internal resistance would be very high and touching a lead (while the other is connected to the circuit) won’t shock you. However, if the multimeter is set to measure current and one lead is connected to the circuit, internal resistance will be nearly zero. Touching the other lead will complete the circuit and it will shock you. However, if no lead is connected to the live circuit, a multimeter can not shock you.

Why does my multimeter read 1?

If a multimeter is showing 1 or OL as an error, this means the multimeter is overloaded. If overloading did not burn the fuse, try to adjust the knob and select the appropriate range.

Which multimeter is more accurate?

Digital multimeters are more accurate than analogue digital multimeters. A true RMS multimeter would be more accurate among the digital multimeters.

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