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Chainsaws are great friends if your backyard needs your attention, or you are a DIY lover who lows spending time making wooden artifacts. Chainsaw is also a very helpful tool for people who are professional woodcutters. Our team has searched and reviewed the best electric chainsaws for you.

Factors to Consider

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The exclusive list contains the electric chainsaws which are best for use in every aspect. Electric chainsaws are more productive than gas-powered chainsaws: less noise, no emission and excellent performance even below freezing point. Our reviewers have used a set of standards and factors to rank these chainsaws. These factors are:

  • Size
  • Rechargeable or Wired
  • Chain Tension
  • Oiling Mechanism
  • Power
  • Safety Features

1:  Size

The size of the chainsaw is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about any chainsaw. The size of the chainsaw always depends upon the job. If you are a hobbyist and love crafting small objects, a mini or small chainsaw with a bar size of 8 to 12 inches would be sufficient for you. If you are into professional wood cutting and wants to cut trees, you must consider buying a chainsaw with a bar size of 18 inches.

2:  Type

Electric chainsaws come in two different types. One is rechargeable and cordless, while the other is directly wired. This depends on the requirement of the job. If you are going to buy an electric chainsaw then you must have its potential use in mind. If you want to cut the woods and trees in the wild, you just need a rechargeable electric chainsaw. However, you can go away with a wired or corded electric chainsaw if you plan to use it in your doorway or garage.

Both cordless and corded has their pros and cons. Corded chainsaws are not portable but they don’t run out of charge and are always ready to work. While cordless chainsaws are highly portable, but they run out of charge and may require battery replacement or to be recharged.

3:   Chain Tension

Cutting is performed by the chains of chainsaws. These chains tend to get stretch and loos over time. The main factors of the loosening of the chain are the high temperature and the force. Lose chain can fell off from the bar due to less tension. The tension in the chain can be adjusted by adjusting the bar. The bar has the ability to move forward and backward to compensate for the tension loss. Some chainsaws require special tools which are used to move the bar and to adjust the tension of the chain. While other chainsaws (modern ones) have a simple knob, which can be rotated to adjust the tension of the chain.

Modern electric chainsaws are more user friendly, and they can be operated easily without a lot of struggle. Therefore, the mechanism of chain tension adjustment is also an important factor in deciding the model and type of the chain saw.

4:   Oiling Mechanism

The chain of chainsaws resides over the grooved edges of the bar. The speed of and movement of the chain over the bar creates a lot of friction and heat. The friction can damage the bar and shorten the lifetime of the chain. Therefore, oil is needed to reduce friction and heat. As the bar goes inside the wood while cutting, this causes the oil to be swept away, hence, constant oiling is needed.

In the past, manual oiling was used, and the person has to manual put the oil on the chain after regular intervals. Later, the manufactures figured a way where the person using the chainsaw can oil the bar without stopping or the need of another person. He can simply press a trigger with his thumb and inject a small amount of oil on the chain without the assistant of any third person or a by stopping the work and oiling the chainsaw himself.

Recently, electric chainsaws came with an automatic oiler that automatically oils the chain without even worrying about the oil. All you need to do is to keep enough oil in the reserve. The automatic oiler will keep oiling the bar and chain automatically. Some chainsaws with manual oiling are still in use. So for more convenience, you need to get an electric saw which has an automatic oiling system.

5:   Power

Electric power has a simple formula, Voltages multiplied by Amperes. Different electric chainsaws have different power according to the bar size and the job they are supposed to do. You can not use an 8-inch bar chainsaw to cut a hardwood log. It will be underpowered and will get heat up very quickly. Usually, the power of the electric chainsaw is indicated by the volt and amperage is considered the capacity of the battery.

6:   Safety Features

Chainsaw is not a play toy. It can be a very dangerous tool having a naked moving cutting chain at high speed. The chainsaw can severely damage body parts. There are some safety features that are common in chainsaws. These safety features include the chain brake which is located inside the holding handle so that the user can immediately stop the chain when needed. Another safety feature is the clutch which disengages the chain from the motor and causes the chain to stop. Some chainsaws feature a protective guard for the faces and eyes of the users to protect them from flying shrapnel.

Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaws

1.    Ego Cordless Chainsaw – 18 Inch   – CS1800

Ego cordless electric chainsaw is a big electric chainsaw with a bar size of 18 inches. This new addition to the electric chainsaw market has attracted a lot of DIYers and professionals who were looking for an in one package. 18-inch bar size, cordless, 56V – 5Ah lithium battery, LED light, powerful battery, extended use duration and superior motor makes this chainsaw the best of bests. It is the top best electric chainsaw you can get from the market. Following are the features of the Ego CS1800 cordless electric chain saw which makes it superior and the first choice of the users.


Tension Adjustment

Ego CS1800 has a very efficient and handy tension adjustment system. The tension adjustment system is automatic, and you just need to rotate the knob clockwise and anti-clockwise to tight and lose the chain, respectively. Bar and chains can be removed by keeping rotating the knob in the anti-clockwise direction. The system is tool-free and can adjust the tension instantly and hassle-free.

Bucking Spikes

Ego CS1800 comes with built-in metal bucking spikes. These spikes help the user to keep the chainsaw straight and in control. You should start a cut by engaging the part of the chain which is closer to the frame. This technique prevents chain chatter. Once the initial cut has been made, the bucking spikes can get a grip and make the cutting more fluent and convenient.


Ego CS1800 has a big battery that can deliver 56v DC volts at 5 amperes per hour. The battery is large enough to fill a truck with logs. Not only this, but the battery pack of other Ego products is also compatible with this chainsaw. If you own an Ego lawnmower, then you can use the charger and battery of the lawnmower with this chainsaw to get extended uses and backup. Many competitors of this product offer mere 2.5ah of battery in this segment.


This chainsaw comes with a very powerful brushless DC motor. The motor can sprint at the speed of 11 thousand RPM. The motor is rated at 56 volts and it can draw 5 amperes per hour from the battery at 56 volts. Hence the power is 280w for an hour with a full charge. The power-house of the chainsaw is more powerful than a 40cc gasoline engine. The motor is so quiet that the only noise you hear is the ramming of the chain over bar edges.


This chainsaw has an emergency light in it. The light is very helpful if you want to clear the backyard or driveway after a storm and during the blackout. It is also helpful if have to work in a low light environment or remove some logs in an emergency during the night. Another feature of the Ego CS1800 is the protective shield which is built into the frame of the chainsaw. This protects the user from any stray shrapnel coming right from the wood toward the user. An emergency brank bar is also present on the holding handle of the chainsaw.


  • Mode: Ego CS1800
  • Battery Pack: 56V-5ah (Lithium-ion)
  • Bar Size: 18
  • Watt-Hours: 280wh
  • RPM: 11000
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Weight: 13 lbs (Including Battery Pack)

Customers Reviews

Many customers have reviewed this electric chainsaw. They appreciated the high power, portability and battery timing of this electric chainsaw. Some electric chainsaw reviews have reported that there is a problem with the chainsaw which leads to the dismounting of the chain from the bar. Most of the users are satisfied with the quality and the price they have paid. Overall they have given a decent rating of 4.5 stars to this electric chainsaw.

Expert Reviews

Our experts have tested and evaluated this product and found this electric chainsaw useful for cutting wooden logs and trees of small to medium size. Expert review of Ego Chainsaw CS1800 revealed that the problem of dismounting of chain can be controlled by using the automatic tension system regularly to keep the chain tight and balanced. Our experts are also impressed with the battery timing of this chainsaw. This chainsaw has received a rating of five out of five stars and declared the chainsaw as the top best electric chainsaw of 2021.

  • Affordable
  • Very Powerful Brushless Motor
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Automatic Oiling and Tension system
  • Slipping and Dismounting of the chain is reported

2.    Dewalt DCCS620P1 20V Max XR Chainsaw Kit

Our top selection is an 18-inch chainsaw. Dewalt DCCS620P1 is a little masterpiece by the Dewalt. It is a small electric chainsaw but boosts all those features which are considered a must-have for all-electric chainsaws today. Due to good quality and amazing features, we have placed this at second position in our list of best electric chainsaws.

This small chainsaw is versatile and deemed suitable for all types of handy jobs. The size of the chainsaw makes it ideal for construction purposes where wood logs must be cut on and adjusted on site. Not only this but this small chainsaw can also be used to cut the storm fell trees to clear the road and driveway. It comes in handy in day-to-day wood cutting tasks. Many users find it useful in collecting the firewood as the small size makes it more portable and the stronger 5ah battery can keep the little guy constantly running for more than two hours with a single charge. So, who won’t love it while collecting firewood?


Bar Size and Intended Use

The bar size of this electric chainsaw is 12 inches. The design and size of the electric chainsaw are suitable for cutting medium size logs and small trees. It is also suitable for the limb cutting and trimming of big trees. This is not supposed to be compared with 16- and 18-inches electric chainsaws and their performances. Due to the small size, the kickback force is very little which increases the smooth cutting and enhances the experience.


The design of the electric chainsaw is very compact and portable. This is cordless and powered by a powerful battery. The machine feels nice in your hands, and it does not tire you. The lightweight chainsaw can be carried almost everywhere. It can be your companion in camping sites for cutting the firewood or clearing the ground for camp. It can be used to clear the driveway or your neighbourhood from the trees fallen by the storm. It has a long-lasting battery which makes it ready for emergencies.


Dewalt DCCS620P1 has a 20V – 5AH battery. The battery provides 100wH worth of power to the motor of the electric chainsaw. This is plenty of battery for a 12-inch chainsaw. It can perform 90 cuts on 4×4 pressure treated wood with a single charge. The battery is a lithium-ion battery that is made up of high-quality materials and performs well even in negative temperatures.

Tensioning System

This small chainsaw uses an automatic knob style tension system. The chain of the electric chainsaw can be tightened or loosened by rotating the knob either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The whole operation can be performed without the assistance of any person or tool. The knob can be rotated and adjusted single-handedly.

Oiling Mechanism

This electric chainsaw has the same automatic oiling system which is considered standard in modern electric chainsaws. This system automatically releases oil on the bar after regular intervals and you don’t need to stop the machine and oil the bar manually.


  • Bar Size: 12 inches
  • Type: Cordless Battery Powered
  • Tensioning System: Tool-free
  • Weight: 8.8lbs
  • Battery: 20V-5Ah (Lithium Ion)

Customer Reviews

Don’t worry, many customers have bought and tested this awesome product. Almost all of the electric chainsaw reviews show that customers are highly satisfied with the performance of this electric chainsaw. They are impressed by the power and performance of this little guy. Many customers have tested this in extreme cold and hot weather and did not find any problem with the performance. The only negative aspect about this electric chainsaw is the customer service. Any machine, no matter how durable it is, may develop some problems with time. Here comes the customer service which can guide the user on how to handle the problem. If the customer service is not good, customers may feel compromised and frustrated.  Overall, the product is very liked by the customers, and it has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Expert Reviews

Experts have also tested this electric chainsaw and found it fulfilling its promise on durability and performance. Dewalt DCCS620P1 has performed as claimed by the manufacturer. There was no fault during the testing and no other problem was found during the use. The electric chainsaw has an ergonomics design that will never let the user tired during the use. Therefore, it is placed second in the list of best electric chainsaws.

  • Powerful
  • Compact Design
  • Can perform 90 cuts per charge on 4×4
  • Low Kickback
  • Brushless Motor
  • Problem with customer services

3.    Black + Decker Electric LCS1240 Chainsaw

But our second-best electric chainsaw is a smaller Black & Decker LCS1240 electric chainsaw. It has direct competition with the Dewalt DCCS620P1 electric chainsaw. Both of these electric chainsaws are small and features a 12-inch bar This chainsaw is a small chainsaw that is highly affordable and super portable. It comes with all state-of-the-art features including automatic oiling and chain tensioning system.

This small electric chainsaw comes in handy when the backyard needs trimming, or some medium-sized trees have blocked the drive or neighbouring road after a storm. The battery of this electric chainsaw is designed to retain the charge for up to 18 months. This means it can be sued as a stand by tool for emergencies. It is small and compact; therefore, it takes less space and can be carried away on a camping site. It can easily cut the medium size trunks and small trees. Cutting the tree limbs is a fun activity with this small guy.


Lightweight and Compact Design

This electric chainsaw is small and compact. It is useful in dealing with small trees and limbs of medium and big trees. It can easily cut the limbs and slice the logs into smaller pieces. The compact design allows it to be carried to any place. Storing this chainsaw is not a problem, smaller size takes less space and it can be fitted to more compact space.

It weighs only 10 pounds, (including the battery). So using it for an extended period does not cause fatigue in the arm. Due to less weight, it is more maneuverable and can be used in art projects and wooden artifacts designing.

Durable Battery

The battery of this electric chainsaw is a small 40v-2ah lithium pack. It may seem small, but it is sufficient to run this small chainsaw for a good amount of time. For constant use, it can last for an hour. The battery is very durable, it can hold the charge for up to 18 months. Therefore, it can be used in emergencies as a standby tool in any environment.

The battery of Black + Decker LCS1240B is versatile and universal. It can be used with many other Black + Decker products including the lawnmower and grass cutters.

Tool-less Tensioning System

This electric chainsaw has a tool-free tensioning system. The tension of the chain can be adjusted with the rotation of a single knob. This does not require any tool or the need of a second person for the chain tension adjustment.

Smooth Cutting

The small design and less weight enable the users to control the electric chainsaw more tightly. Hence it makes the cutting more smoothly and mitigates the kickback force.

Automatic Oiling System

An automatic oiling system is a must-have feature in electric chainsaws.  Black + Decker LCS1240B also offers an automatic oiling system which makes the use of electric chainsaws more fun and enjoyable instead of getting tired of stopping the work and oiling the bar manually.


  • Make: Black + Decker
  • Mode: LCS1240B
  • Light Weight: Only 10 lbs with battery and bar
  • Battery: 40v – 2ah Lithium battery
  • Power: 80wh
  • Bar Size: 12 inches

Customer Reviews

We have gathered different reviews of the customers who have used this electric chainsaw for years in different environmental conditions, doing different jobs with different requirements. Most of the customers are happy with the performance and working of this small chainsaw. They have reported that despite being small have just a 40v-2ah power system, it can still last for an hour. The cutting is very smooth, and the chain is well placed over the bar. Some users have complained about the oil leakage from the automatic oiling system. However, the overall customer satisfaction is very good, and they have given 4.5 stars out of 5 to Black + Decker LCS1240B Electric Chainsaw.

Expert Reviews

Our expert review also praises the performance of the Black + Decker LCS1240B electric chainsaw. This chainsaw is efficient for light use. Although the chainsaw can cut big trees it would require time and patience which can frustrate the users. However, the small size trees, undercutting and limb cutting is the perfect job for this chainsaw. It is unfair to compare this chainsaw with the other having bar sizes 16 and 18 inches. The battery timing and durability of this chainsaw is also very impressive.

One drawback is that the battery and chargers are sold separately. The product may leak oil unnecessary from the automatic oiling system. Other than that, the chainsaw is perfect for the day to day job. Due to the impressive performance of this electric chainsaw, experts have placed this chainsaw in the third position in the best electric chainsaw list.

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting and durable battery
  • Highly stable and portable
  • Compact design
  • Oil leakage is reported by some users

4.    Greenworks 20332 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw – Corded

Greenworks 20332 is a corded electric chainsaw. Instead of a battery, this electric chainsaw runs directly on electricity. The direct wire to electricity enables the chainsaw to be used for hours without worrying about interruptions as with the cordless electric chainsaw where the battery can run out of juice after an hour. This is a heavy-duty electric chainsaw that has a bar size of 18 inches and a very powerful motor to drive the chain. Corded electric chainsaws are free from the worry of being run out of juice and they can be revved to the maximum to get a maximum and smooth performance.

The huge 18 inches bar allows the big trees and limbs having a diameter of 34 inches to be cut down with ease. It is also easy to use, despite having an 18 inches bar, it is very light and has the same weight as a 12-inch cordless electric chainsaw. This is because it does not have extra battery weight, so working with it is hassle-free unless you are out in the wild. This electric chainsaw requires constant electricity which is readily available in a fixed garage, workshop, home or at a workplace. But it is not available in the wild and users can’t use it everywhere.


Large Bar Size

This is a large size electric chainsaw. The size of the bar is measured at 18 inches. This means that this electric chainsaw is capable of felling down big trees. It can cut through logs and trunks having a diameter of 34 inches. This huge chain system is powered by a very powerful motor.

Powerful Motor

This electric chainsaw has a very powerful motor. The motor has a ratted amperage of 14.5ah. Combined with 120 voltages, this can deliver an astonishing 1740wh power for unlimited time. Cordless electric chainsaws are not even near to it. The powerful motor allows the electric chainsaw to cut through every kind of wood and perform those hectic cuts which are not possible with small or underpowered electric chainsaws.

Ease of Use

Greenworks 20332 uses direct electricity. Therefore it is not so portable and would require an electricity generator when using it outside or at a camping site. Other than that, if the objective is to use it inside a garage, workplace or in your backyard, it is the best option. The corded electric chainsaws have more power and can work for an unlimited amount of time. They are very lightweight weight and you can use them for hours without any fatigue and the fear of the battery running out of juice.

This is not suitable if you want to cut trees in the wild and collect firewood. However, it is very useful and successful indoor or near the electricity availability. The decision to buy this corded electric chainsaw depends upon the condition you want it to be used in.

Tool-less Tensioning System

This electric chainsaw features a simple knob-based toolless tensioning system. The tension can be adjusted according to the needs by just rotating the knob of the tensioning system.

Automatic Oiler

Automatic Oiler is now a standard feature among all-electric chainsaws. This system automatically oils the chain and bar at regular intervals. Greenworks 20332 does something extra. It comes with a transparent tank for reserve oil. The transparent tank enables the users to keep an eye on the oil reserves.


For the safety of the user, the Greenworks 20332 comes with a chain brake to stop the electric chainsaw in an emergency. It also has a kickback guard and ergonomic design to safely operate the electric chainsaw.


  • Make: Greenworks
  • Mode: 20332 Electric Chainsaw
  • Type: Corded
  • Bar Size: 18 inches
  • Ampere: 14.5Ah
  • Voltages: 120v

Customers Reviews

Many existing customers have ratted this electric chainsaw after extended use. A lot of them has appreciated everything including convenience, power, smoothness, brakes, bar size and oiling system. However, for some users, the toolless tension system ruined the fun. They have reported that the tensioning system is poor, and it cannot keep up the tension of the chain on the bar. The chain keeps coming off the bar.

However, the combined rating awarded to this electric chainsaw is 4.4 stars out of 5. It is one of the top electric chainsaws. Customers reviews show that the tension system has a problem with some of the Greenworks 20332, not with all of the pieces.

Experts Reviews

Experts have also used this electric chainsaw for some time. They have looked into customers claims about tensioning system and revealed that the problem with the chainsaw is rare and the tensioning system needs to be clean regularly to avoid jamming of the knob. The performance, power, useability and ease of use of this electric chainsaw is awesome. Therefore this corded electric chainsaw has been made into our list of best electric chainsaws.

  • Big Bar Size
  • Very Powerful motor
  • More than 1700wah
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Automatic Tensioning System
  • Problem with Tensioning System in Some Units
  • Corded

5.    Oregon CS1500 18 Inch Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw – Corded

Oregon CS1500 is one of its kind electric chainsaw. This corded electric chainsaw is self-sharpening. This means it can sharp itself automatically. You just need to press a lever and the electric chainsaw will start sharpening itself. This electric chainsaw has a sharpening stone inside it, as the sharpening level is pressed, the sharpening stone makes contact with the chain and it starts sharpening.

This is a corded electric chainsaw. It can work on the highest setting without the worry of being run out of battery. The big size let you cut big logs and fall big trees. It also has all modern automatic features including an automatic oiler, tool-less tensioning system and brake.


Self Sharpening

This is the exclusive feature of the Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw. When you feel the chain is not sharp enough and sharpening it can enhance the performance, just press the dedicated PowerSharp lever, the corded electric chainsaw will automatically sharp the chain. You have to do it for just a few seconds and sharpening is done. To fully utilize this feature, you must be using the PowerNow chain. Sharpening is done with a sharpening stone which makes contact with the chain cutting heads and makes them sharp when the level is pressed.

Powerful Motor System

This electric chainsaw comes with a power full motor system. This product is rated at 15 amperes. This means it can draw up to 15 amperes per hour with 120 voltages. This is insanely 1800wh of power. This much power makes it the most powerful electric chainsaw on our list. With that much power, you can cut any hardwood with a diameter of more than 30 inches. You will never feel underpowered by this powerful chainsaw. All of this power is done without worrying about the battery running out, all you need is to have electricity.

This corded electric chainsaw has a push start button you can pressure the button to start the saw working. The harder you press, the faster it will go. It has an excellent braking system, as soon as you would stop pressing the push button, it would immediately stop.

Automatic Oiler

An automatic oiling system is one of the standard features which is a must-have in modern electric chainsaws. This system is hassle-free and saves time also. The electric chainsaw can oil the bar automatically when needed. All the user has to do is to make sure there is sufficient oil in the reserve tank.

Tensioning System

Tensioning system of this corded electric chainsaw is based on two coupled knobs. One knob screws and unscrew the bar from its position so that it can move forward or backward to adjust the tension of the chain. The other rotary performs the movement, backward or forward, based on the rotation. After moving the bar, the bar can be screwed to the new position so that it does not move by itself and make the chain lose again.

Compact Design and Useability

This is a corded electric chainsaw. It does not have any battery, therefore it is lightweight can be carried for a long time. The ergonomic design makes sure that you don’t get fatigued after prolonged use of the chainsaw. You can cut tens of logs and make undercut all day without worrying about the battery dying with this powerful beast.


  • Make: Oregon
  • Model: CS1500
  • Type: Corded
  • Volts: 120A
  • Ampere: 15A
  • Bar Size: 18 Inches

Customers Reviews

Customers have tried and tested this electric chainsaw in the actual working environment. This has not disappointed any customer with its marvelous performance and ergonomic style. The built quality was also reported to be very well except for some cases where the bar would get itself loose. The customers have also appreciated the customer service of Oregon as compared to the customer service of another competitor. Electric chainsaw reviews shows that, this product has received a rating of 4.5 stars.

Experts Reviews

According to our experts, this electric chainsaw is very powerful in this league and is capable of cutting all sorts of wood and logs. As far as the quality is concerned, it is very good for the price paid. Some pieces may turn out defective but overall this is a great addition to the market. It has also been liked by customers that’s why our experts have considered it to be included in the list of best electric chainsaw.

  • 15 Ampere Powerful Chainsaw
  • 18-inch large bar size
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Good Customer Service
  • Some users have reported built issues.


Electric chainsaws have replaced the old gas-powered chainsaw in recent years. Electric chainsaws offer zero-emission operations, automatic oiling system, tool-less tensioning system and easy operation. All these features have led to the increase in the use of electric chainsaws. In this article, we have looked into top rated electric chainsaws, both corded and cordless. This article answered which electric chainsaw is best. Ego CS1800 cordless electric chainsaw has been our overall best choice. This electric chainsaw is cordless and comes with a massive battery that can operate the electric chainsaw for more than an hour at full power. The saw is full scale 18 inches. This means it can cut down all types of small, medium and large logs and trees.

The list also features small 12 inches cordless electric chainsaws, these chainsaws are perfect for firewood and storm cleaning. They are highly portable and can be moved to a camping site without any problem. Two corded electric chainsaws are also featured which have a very good built quality and powerful motor with unlimited running time at full speed. These electric chainsaws are suitable for professional woodcutters.

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