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Are you done with trying many multimeters with inaccurate readings? Are you going to buy your first multimeter but not sure which brand to choose from?

Here we are to help you in finding the best multimeter brands which can become a synonym for the word “multimeter”. We present you with 16 top multimeter brands which can you buy online or in the stores. Good multimeter brands can help you in deciding the brand of your next multimeter.


1. AstroAI Multimeters

AstroAI is a relatively new technology company that is established in 2016. It has three locations, two in China and one in the USA. These locations produce multimeters and supply them across the world. These multimeters are shipped to Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. It produces multiple types of consumer appliances including mini-fridges, air compressors, tire pressure gauges, and testing tools.

AstroAI produces one of the finest multimeters in the world. It has gain fame as the best automotive multimeter manufacturer. Despite being a new organization, it can easily beat Klein Tools in multimeter comparison.  AstroAI is a perfect candidate for the best multimeter brands.

Why AstroAI Multimeter?

  • They are super affordable and cheap
  • Suitable for generic and entry-level work
  • Easy to use and understand
  • One of the tops ratted multimeters
  • Durable and safe
  • Comes with a Backlit LCD

Our top picks from AstroAI

AstroAI has a best seller award for its multimeters. Entry-level AstroAI AM33D is probably the only multimeter in the world that is so cheap and yet carries considerable good features as compared to another multimeter. AstroAI DM6000AR TRMS 6000 count multimeter is the mid-range bestseller on Amazon. This multimeter can be doubled as an automotive multimeter.

AstroA I AM33D

  • It can measure AC/DC voltages up to 500V
  • Designed to measure DC current of 10A
  • 20 Mega Ohms resistance supported
  • Decent display of 1999 counts
  • It has two anti-burn fuses which protect it from explosion and burning
  • Built-in Kickstand
  • CAT-I and CAT-II certified
  • 1-year warranty
  • Data hold functionality

AstroAI DM600AR TRMS 6000 Count

This is a premium multimeter offered by the AstroAI. It has all the modern functionalities. This carries the highest number of multimeter ratings.

AstroAI 6000
  • Supports a wide range of tests
  • It comes with professional features: Auto-Ranging and True RMS for AC current and voltages.
  • It is shipped with a built-in kickstand and attachable magnetic hanger
  • AstroAI DM6000AR can handle heavy workload all day without cooling down
  • It has two anti-burn fuses
  • Large Backlit LCD for a clear view
  • Explosion-proof ceramic fuses
  • 3 years of warranty
  • CAT-III certified
  • Shipped with multi-function socket for connecting capacitors and resistors
  • Data Hold Function
  • Manufactures Affordable Multimeter
  • Offers multiple options
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and Fuse Protected
  • Offers warranty on each Item
  • Covers all segments
  • Decent accuracy
  • No Drop Protection


2. Keysight Multimeters

Keysight is an American technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of electrical testing tools. Keysight name is made of two words, “key” and “insight”, which means the products are manufactured to look deep inside the electrical subjects under repair.

Keysight produces good quality multimeters. Apart from these, Keysight develops highly sophisticated electron microscopes, automated optical inspection, XR-Ray inspection, power supplies and network analysers etc. It is a strong fluke competitor.

Why Keysight Multimeter?

  • Keysight produces highly sophisticated products
  • Unique design and style
  • OLED display with full-time backlight
  • Chargeable batteries
  • Manual and Auto-Ranging depending upon the needs of the users
  • Cool looking design and strong grip
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Our top picks from Keysight

As usual, we have picked two multimeters from the Keysight from two different price ranges and different target customers.  Our selection is KEYSIGHT U1242B and KEYSIGHT U1253B. Both of these multimeters are an example of the unique design mindset of Keysight. Keysight is, no doubt, is one of the best multimeter brands due to its unique features and value for the money.


This is a midrange multimeter by Keysight. It comes with advanced features that no other brand offers at the same price.


keysight u1242b
  • It is water and dustproof
  • It can be connected to Android, iOS, or Windows PC with Bluetooth for real-time data storage and analysis.
  • The multimeter comes with internal memory which can store up to 2000 readings in its internal memory.
  • It is highly accurate
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • It has a rugged body and can bear a fall of 10 ft
  • It has a low impedance and a torchlight on the top of the multimeter
  • It comes with a kickstand


Keysight U1253B is top-quality multimeter of Keysight. It is the first multimeter that features an amazing OLED display which can also double as to present the waves on the screen. Other features of these multimeters are given as:

  • It has an amazing accuracy of 0.025%.
  • U1253B comes with an OLED display, one of the first of this kind
  • It can be connected to PC, android, or iOS with dedicated software and applications for real-time data logging
  • Comes with all types of accessories inside the package
  • Has a rechargeable battery that can be charged while inside the multimeter
  • It supports all types of tests which an advanced multimeter can, including temperature, capacitance, diode, continuity etc
  • This is fast
  • It has lifetime customer support.
  • Very High accuracy and precision up to 4 digits
  • Can log data wirelessly with Bluetooth
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Advance display with OLED technology
  • Attractive design and look
  • Low continuity range


3. Southwire Multimeters

Southwire is an American wire and cable manufacturer which delivers its products for the transmission of power across the world. Southwire claims that every second home in the USA has the wires and cables manufactured by them. Southwire was founded in 1950 with just 12 employees and now it has more than 8000 employs working in different countries of the world.

With wires and cables, Southwire manufactures good quality multimeters and other testing tools to help workers in installing those wires and maintaining them. These multimeters may be considered as best multimeters due to their amazing features. These multimeters are much better than Fluke as they are of the same quality but with a fraction of the price. Why go for more expensive when you can get a better product for a lower price? It is the best fluke alternative.

Why Southwire Multimeters?

  • Decades of experience and R&D
  • Quality Circuit
  • Auto Ranging and True RMS
  • Affordable
  • Amazing customer service

Our Top Picks from Southwire Multimeters

Southwire has multiple multimeters which range from affordable price bracket to premium price bracket. Our selection includes Southwire 10031S and 15190T multimeters. Despite having fewer options, Southwire is one of the top brands in our best multimeter brands list.

Southwire 10031S Manual Multimeter

This is an entry-level multimeter with manual ranging and a durable body.

  • Comes with 19 manual ranges
  • CAT-III 300V certification
  • Rugged multimeter with rubbered corners
  • Built-in Kickstand
  • Current, Resistance, Continuity and Battery Tests
  • 5 years of warranty


Southwire 15190T Digital Multimeter

This is an advanced multimeter with a colour LCD and mobile app for data logging.

  • Auto Ranging Multimeter
  • True RMS Multimeter
  • Have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a Mobile app for data recording
  • Hi-Res colour LCD with Graphs
  • Onboard memory for locally logging the data
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Remotely controlled multimeter
  • Settings can be adjusted via Mobile phone
  • CAT-IV 600V and CAT-III 1000V certification
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Fused for overload protection


  • Amazing Software for Data Logging
  • Very Affordable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hi-Res LCD Display with Graphs
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV
  • Lesser-Known
  • A small collection of Multimeters


4. KAIWEETS Multimeters

KAIWEETS is a German-based brand which is owned by a China-based manufacturing organization. KAIWEETs produces one of the best multimeters in the world. As the multimeters are produced in China, the manufacturing cost is very low and therefore KAIWEETS can transfer this benefit of low cost to the users by keeping the prices low. This should be noted that the KAIWEETS is itself a German brand, therefore every multimeter complies with all the safety and quality standards of Germany.

Therefore, KIAWEETS multimeters are perfect in both quality and price. KIAEWEETS multimeters are the must buy. They are top fluke competitors.

Why KIAWEETS Multimeters?

  • Very Affordable
  • #1 Best Sellers Multimeters
  • Builds both Manual and Auto Ranging Multimeters
  • KIAWEETS build multimeters with a back torchlight to help the work in darker areas
  • Can perform all types of tests

Out top picks from KIAWEETS

We have picked KIAWEETS HT113B TRMS 4000 counts multimeter and KIAWEETS HT118A TRMS 6000 multimeter. These multimeters are affordable, and both carry the ability of True RMS. These are perfect for seasonal hobbyists and professional home technicians.

KIAWEETS HT113B TRMS 4000 Count Multimeter

This is a relatively affordable multimeter manufactured by KIAWEETS. This multimeter is perfect for the home diagnosis of appliance and wiring.

  • Auto Ranging Multimeter
  • True RMS
  • Carries a big and clear screen for better viewing in low light areas
  • Can perform battery tests
  • Comes with NCV technology to wirelessly detect voltages
  • Can be used in car repair, home wiring, home appliance, industrial connection and wiring etc.
  • Displays error messages when needed
  • Up to 600V and 10A for both AC and Dc
  • 40 mega Ohm resistance
  • Comes with Tests Leads, Battery and User manual in the box


KAIWEETS HT118B TRMS 6000 Count Multimeter

This is a pro version of the HT113B multimeter. This contains more features than its predecessor. The main features of this multimeter are listed below.

  • True RMS multimeter
  • Has Auto-Ranging abilities
  • Big 2.9” LCD with Backlight for clear viewing
  • Comes with a back torchlight
  • Has a stable kickstand
  • Mix/MAX, Data Hold, Relative Data, Auto Power Off features
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certified
  • Domes with anti-burn and anti-explosion fuse for all ranges
  • Silicon soft case protects during accidental falls
  • Intelligent Jack lights to guide the user about the right jack
  • Battery Testing, Temperature measuring and Duty cycle test with all other basic testings.
  • 750V and 10A for AC/DC tests
  • Package contains Tests Leads, Battery, User Manual and Thermocouple
  • Has 36 months warranty
  • Perfect German multimeters
  • Very much affordable
  • Great build quality
  • All in one feature
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Big display with Backlit
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certification
  • The carrying case is not included in the package


5. INNOVA Multimeters

Innova is a technology company that focuses on manufacturing tools for vehicle diagnosis. Innova pioneered the testing field by innovating and patenting the Onboard Diagnosis Tools called ODB in 1992. Since then, Innova keeps on innovating by developing high-quality electrical testing products including multimeters.

Innova multimeters are of high quality at a low price. Innova offers multimeters for all types of users and in all price segments. It offers entry-level small multimeters and also some of the best industrial-grade multimeters.

Why Innova Multimeters?

  • These are super affordable
  • A wide variety of multimeters
  • Covers all the needs of the customers
  • Ships all related accessories inside the box
  • CAT-II, CAT-III and CAT-IV certification in different multimeters
  • Has a wide experience in developing the diagnosis tools
  • Comes with fuses and another warning to protect the user from potential harm

Our top picks from INNOVA

Innova offers a wide variety of multimeters. It is hard to choose the best multimeter. But here we have selected the two most sold multimeters of the Innova.

Innova 3300 Digita Multimeter

Innova 3300 is a small entry-level multimeter. This can perform a basic level of tests.

  • It has UL certified design for safety and protection
  • Entry-level cheap multimeter, best suited for newbies
  • Can be used in vehicles as an automotive multimeter
  • It comes with a wrist mount strap
  • It offers handsfree testing
  • Fuses, lights, the circuit of the home can be tested with it.

Innova 3340 Digital Multimeter

Innova 3340 is meant for professionals in the industry and for home technicians. This multimeter packs all the functions at a relatively low cost.

  • Pinpoints engine and automotive problems
  • Auto shut down and auto-ranging multimeter
  • Can measure up to 600v and 15A DC/AC
  • Has a decent resistance range of 10 Mega Ohms
  • It comes with temperature probes to measure the temperature
  • The packages include the carrying case, probes and RPM clamps
  • Can measure up to 600v and 15A DC/AC
  • It has Min/Max and Data Hold functions
  • It can measure RPM and duty cycles
  • It has rubber edges to protect it from high falls
  • Affordable
  • Decent durability
  • Fairly accurate
  • CAT-III safety certification
  • Very limited variety of multimeters


6. Fluke Multimeter

Fluke is a most sought-after brand. It is the best multimeter brand. Fluke cooperation was set up in 1948. Fluke is a subsidiary of Fortive. Fortive is a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate company. The headquarter of Fluke is in Everett, Washington, USA. It is a multi-national company, and the products and customer services of Fluke are spread across many countries. Fluke is specialized in developing and innovating electrical testing equipment.

The main products of the Fluke are multimeters, bench multimeters, clamp multimeters, calibrators, and BNC connectors.  Fluke is known for its premium, durable, and precise multimeters. The major product of Fluke is digital multimeters. Chinese Fluke multimeters are also famous in other parts of the world. It is not that Chinese fluke multimeters are cheap copies, rather they are manufactured in China in Fluke’s production plant and shipped to other countries. They are equally good as American built fluke multimeters. So if you encounter a Fluke multimeter with made in china label, don’t consider it a counterfeit product.

Why Fluke Multimeters?

  • VoltAlert technology: It allows the detection of voltages without contact.
  • AutoVolt Technology: It enables the Fluke multimeters to switch between DC and AC voltages automatically.
  • Almost all of the multimeters are Auto-Ranging
  • Calibration of the multimeters can last for years and don’t require frequent adjustments
  • Accurate readings and precise measurements
  • Explosion-proof fuses
  • Most fluke multimeters are TRMS
  • All multimeters come with a lifetime warranty
  • Safety CAT III/IV certification
  • Most used a searched multimeter,

Top Picks from Fluke

We have selected the top-most used multimeter of Fluke brands for you. These multimeters are Fluke 117 and 87V. These have everything you need for your work, either professional or hobbyist. Fluke 117 and Fluke 87 are TRMS multimeters. There are the most ratted and used multimeters of the Fluke brand.

Fluke 117 TRMS Multimeter

Fluke is a digital multimeter which is one of the good multimeters of the Fluke brand. Following are key features of the Fluke 117 that makes it the best of all the multimeters.

  • It can measure the DC/AC current for up to 10A and 600 voltages.
  • It comes to VoltAlert Technology and allows voltage detection without contact.
  • AutoVolt feature of Fluke 117 lets it switch between AC and DC voltages.
  • This model has a large backlit LCD which lets the user view properly in dark areas and poorly lit areas.
  • AutoHold, Min/Max functionalities increase the useability of the multimeter.
  • This model comes with safety fuses and CAT-III certification.
  • It supports multiple ranges of tests including temperature measurements.

Fluke 87V Multimeter

Fluke 87V is another premium multimeter from the Fluke brand. It has more range and precision than Fluke 117. Notable features of Fluke 87v are given as:

  • It supports the DC/AC voltages measurements for upto 1000v and current for upto 10A.
  • It is CAT-IV and CAT-III safety certified.
  • Highly precise and correct measurements
  • This multimeter can measure the resistance of up to 50 Mega Ohms.
  • It supports Frequency tests, continuity tests, temperature tests and many more.
  • Comes with a two-level backlit LCD.
  • It has an analogue bar on the display.
  • Supports Multiple types of Tests
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Most used multimeters
  • Clear and Backlit Displays
  • Industrial Grade
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Durable
  • Relatively Expensive


7. Klein Tools Multimeter

Klein Tools is also an American tool and multimeter manufacturer. It is based in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Klein Tools is a respectable and old multimeter manufacturer. It was founded by Mathias Klein in 1857.

This brand is famous for its electrical and telecom devices. Unlike our top multimeter manufacturers, Klein tools deal with a lot of other hand tools for the electrical and telecom industries. Klein produces more than 3800 different types of tools and kids for the workers. These tools include screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, benders, protective equipment, cables, bags and multimeter etc. Klein has become synonymous with pliers. Pliers are often called Klein’s among electrical workers in the United States. This can be a runner-up for the best multimeter brands candidates.

If we do Klein Vs Fluke, Klein offers more affordable multimeters. On the other hand, Fluke offers more expensive and premium built multimeters for the users.

Why Klein Tools Multimeters?

  • Both Manual and Auto-Ranging Multimeters
  • Manufactures multimeters with CAT-III and CAT-IV safety certifications.
  • Multimeters come with fuses and explosion protection.
  • This multimeter can measure the resistance of up to 50 Mega Ohms.
  • Multimeters are affordable as compared to Fluke and other expensive brands.
  • Klein Tools have experience of more than one and a half-century in this line.
  • Multimeters are shipped with proper accessories and batteries inside the box.
  • This is a good Fluke alternative.

Top Picks from Klein Tools

Klein tools have many clamp meters, ohmmeters and multimeters. The most sold and top ratted multimeter by Klein Tools is Klein Tools MM700. The other more premium and accurate multimeter is Klein Tools MM6000. Both multimeters are top in their respective category. We will look at them in detail below.

Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter

Klein Tools MM700 is a cheap and affordable multimeter. It packs all the bells and whistles which an average professional or DIY enthusiast needs. It does more than it costs. Here are the brief functionalities which are offered by Klein Tools MM700.

  • It is an affordable True RMS multimeter.
  • Comes with a capacity of 1000V for both AC and DC.
  • Current can be measure for up to 10A for both AC and DC.
  • It is safety rated at CAT-IV for 600V.
  • It has a low impedance which allows it to detect and eliminate low ghost voltages and prevents them from interfering with the reading of the multimeter.
  • It also has certain drop protection and can withstand falls of up to 6 feet.

Klein Tools MM6000 Digital Multimeter

This is a premium multimeter by Klein Tools. It has all the things which are needed by a professional in the industry or home appliances. Notable features of the Klein Tools MM6000 are given as:

  • It has the premium build quality and amazing drop protection.
  • It can test flame sensors, batteries, diodes and other industrial sensors.
  • Extreme low impedance eliminates the ghost voltages.
  • It has all the pro features: Min/Max function, auto range, auto data hold and relative data holding and TRMS.
  • It is CAT-IV certified and can protect from sudden surges with onboard fuses.
  • It has a big clear LCD with a backlight. It also has an analogue bar graph.
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty.
  • It manufactures affordable Multimeters
  • Has the experience of more than 160 years
  • They are easy to use.
  • Comes with warranty
  • Low-cost multimeters suffer accuracy and slowness issues


8. Amprobe Multimeter

Amprobe is another experienced multimeter manufacturer. Amprobe came into existence on Long Island, NY in 1948. As the same shows, Amprobe is specialized in manufacturing electrical testing and diagnostics tools. It has the experience of more than 70 years in this field.

If we look at Amprobe vs Fluke, Amprobe has the same type of experience and quality in the products as Fluke has. But it cost relatively less than the Fluke multimeters. Amprobe multimeters are respectably accurate and precise. Amprobe has tons of other electrical testing tools including HAVC tools, multimeters, industrial multimeters, clamp meters and different types of the tester.

Why Amprobe Multimeters?

  • Great Customer Services
  • Amprobe Multimeters are had rubber protection
  • Affordable
  • Offers a vast variety of Multimeters
  • Ships with all necessary accessories
  • Multimeters support up to 60 Mega Ohms resistance
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certification

Our Top Picks from Amprobe

For the top picks, we have selected two multimeters from the Amprobe. One is Amprobe AM-510, a relatively affordable multimeter. The other one is Amprobe AM-570, a premium and top tier multimeter of the Amprobe.

Amprobe AM-510 Digital Multimeter

Amprobe AM-510 is an affordable multimeter. This is focused on the home needs of a normal user or for the needs of the home technician. This carries a good blend of features.

  • Amprobe AM-510 can measure the current for up to 10A on both Dc and AC circuit.
  • It has a resistance measurement range of 40 Mega Ohms.
  • Up to 600V of DC and AC voltages can be measured with it.
  • Despite being low in price, it can detect the voltage without contact.
  • It has a large backlit LCD, Data Hold Button and Relative reading mode.
  • This multimeter is a constructor with solid plastic and housed in a strong rubber shell that protects it during the fall.
  • It comes with fuses and CAT-III certification.

Amprobe AM-570 Digital Multimeter

This is a high-quality multimeter. It is focused on industrial usage. In comparison with the industrial multimeters by Fluke, Amprobe AM-570 is more affordable and offers the same durability and reliability. Without being too expensive, Amprobe AM-570 competes with more expensive multimeters.

  • Amprobe AM-570 can measure the voltages for up to 1000V in DC and AC circuit.
  • The resistance range is 60 Mega Ohms.
  • Diode, capacitance, continuity, temperature, duty cycle and other tests are supported.
  • It is a True RMS multimeter.
  • It is suitable for industrial usages.
  • Low impedance allows ignoring stray voltages by detecting them.
  • It is CAT-III and CAT-IV certified for 600V.
  • It supports a dual thermocouple for temperature measurement.
  • It has a built-in flashlight to help in dark environments.
  • The display is a backlit LCD with clear digits.
  • Amprobe build decent multimeters
  • Multimeters are pretty affordable
  • Multimeters have LED flashlights to help to work in a low light environment.
  • Pretty Accurate and precise
  • These multimeters have low impedance to remove noise voltages.
  • Slow response time
  • Less recognized as compared to Fluke


9. Extech Multimeter

Founded in 1971, Extech has gained decades of experience in researching and manufacturing testing and measurement tools for professionals, home technicians and DIYers. Extech is located in Nashua, New Hampshire but it operates in over 100 countries across the globe.

Years of experience and research has helped Extech in manufacturing one of the best electrical testing tools. These testing tools include multimeters, safety equipment, industrial automation tools, Planting MRO and laboratory testing tools etc.

Despite being in the manufacturing of several types of tools, Extech has emerged as the best multimeter brand. Extech manufactures multimeters that are affordable and still can knock of many multimeters in Extech vs Fluke comparison. On Amazon, Extech multimeter reviews are positive.

Why Extech Multimeters?

  • Extech offers multimeters at an affordable price
  • Many multimeters have a built-in IR temperature tool.
  • It offers both analogue and digital multimeters
  • Safety Rating
  • Advance features of data holding and relative reading
  • Offers both general purpose and industrial multimeters

Our Top Picks from Extech

Extech manufactures both home/commercial and industrial multimeters. We have picked the best of both categories. Out selected multimeters are: Extech EX530 and Extech Ex470A.

Extech EX470A Digital Multimeter

This is a general-purpose multimeter that can be used in homes for repairing and diagnosing home appliances or in DIY projects.  This multimeter packs all the features which are needed by a home technician at a very affordable price. This multimeter has an additional IR thermometer which no other multimeter has in this price segment. Other notable features of Extech EX470A are:

  • This multimeter has a built-in InfraRed thermometerwhich can measure temperature without contact.
  • It is a True RMS multimeter.
  • It can measure the AC/DC voltage up to 600V and current up to 10A.
  • It has a resistance range of 40 Mega Ohms.
  • It supports K-type thermocouple probes for temperature measurements.
  • It has a large backlit LCD.
  • It is CAT-III certified and has fused to protect against sudden surges.
  • It can measure voltages, current, resistance, frequency, diode and connectivity, duty cycle and capacitance.

Extech EX530 Digital Multimeter

This is a more premium and industrial multimeter by the Extech. This multimeter supports advanced tests and more ranges to accommodate industrial equipment testing. Other features of this multimeter are given below.

  • It is specially built for industrial use. .
  • It is super affordable and despite being less in price, it can beat any other industrial multimeter in this price segment.
  • It comes with a large backlit LCD with 40,000 counts. The display also has a bar graph.
  • It is due moulded for drop and water protection.
  • It supports AC and DC voltages of 1000V and a current of 20A.
  • The package contains a carrying case, temperature probes, magnetic hanging strap and battery.
  • Affordable industrial multimeter
  • Comes with both manual and auto-ranging
  • Extra rubber housing adds to drop protection
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • LCD is made of easily scratchable plastic


10. Greenlee Multimeters

Greenlee is an American company founded in 1862 by Ralph Greenlee and his brother Robert Greenlee. The headquarter of Greenlee is located in Rockford, Illinois. Greenlee company is a subsidiary of Emerson Electric. Green is specialized in the manufacturing of different Industrial and Electrical tools.

Greenlee is also a multimeter manufacturer. These multimeters are good in quality and low in price. In a comparison of Greenlee vs Klein, Greenlee can easily take the title of a winner because of its high-quality multimeters. It is a good multimeter brand.

Why Greenlee Multimeters?

  • Multimeters can measure up to 1000V voltages and 10A current in both AC and DC
  • Greenlee multimeters come with Data hold and Relative reading functions
  • It comes with a large backlit LCD with 40,000 counts. The display also has a bar graph.
  • Supports a variety of Tests
  • Comes with Input protection
  • TRMS and Auto Ranging Multimeters
  • Offers lifetime warranty on multimeters
  • Decent looking premium multimeters

Our Top Picks from Greenlee

We have picked the top two products from Greenlee. These multimeters are decently loaded with all required features: Greenlee DM-65 and Greenlee DM-820A. Both multimeters are auto-ranging and good for general DIY and professional technician. These are quality multimeters.

Greenlee DM-65 Digital Multimeter

Greenlee DM-65 is an affordable multimeter that can be used by professional technicians and DIYers for a fun project. It does not cost much as compared to other brands like Fluke. The following list highlights the features of the Greenlee DM-65.

  • It can handle the input of upto 1000 voltages and 10A current for both AC and DC.
  • It has easily replaceable safety fuses to protect it from surging power.
  • Manual and Auto mode of ranging can be turned off or on with the dedicated button.
  • It is CAT-III safety ratted.
  • Large Clear LCD
  • Frequency, Capacitance, Duty Cycle, Battery Test and Temperature measurement etc is supported.

Greenlee DM-820A Digital Multimeter

Greenlee DM-820A is an advanced multimeter by the Greenlee. It is a high-end multimeter but still cost less than an average Fluke multimeter. It can be considered a Fluke alternative. It carries all the features which one can expect in the top ratted multimeter. Some notable features of these multimeters are listed below.

  • It is a True RMS multimeter
  • Ranging is done automatically and the user doesn’t need to set it manually.
  • It features a big display with a capacity of 10,000 counts and a backlight option.
  • It warns the users about the incorrect order of the testing probes.
  • It has the relative mode which helps in noticing small changes.
  • The data hold feature is supported.
  • It can detect the voltage without contact. The other mode allows the multimeter to detect the voltages with the testing probes.
  • It supports all types of tests which can be performed by a multimeter.
  • It comes with a Lifetime warranty.
  • The package includes the battery, temperature probes, test leads and a carrying case.
  • Multimeters of Greenlee are affordable
  • Great alternative of Fluke
  • Big backlit displays for clarity
  • Sturdy and nice to hold in hand
  • Not widely known
  • Poor Marketing


11. Tacklife Multimeters

Tacklife is a small company founded recently in 2015 by a small team. Passion and urge to do something different have not stopped that small team and the business grew in years and now it is considered a well-known and sought after brand.

Tacklife is a good brand for multimeters, drilling, and screwdriver machines. The company has managed to master the R&D and produces some of the most premium products of different types.

You can easily prefer a Tacklife multimeter on any expensive brand like Fluke. The multimeters produced by Tacklife are very good at the job and they don’t cost as much as the other does.

Why Tacklife Multimeters?

  • Manufactured measuring tools are perfect
  • The multimeters have explosion-proof ceramic fuses
  • Can measure temperature with decent accuracy
  • These multimeters can test the mainlines and commercial connection boxes
  • Comes with decent resistance ranges of up to 60 megaohms.
  • Multimeters are nice to touch and feel and give a good grip while holding

Our Top Picks from Tacklife

Tacklife has a small, nice collection of multimeters and other testing and measuring tools. We have picked two multimeters from Tacklife: DM01 and DM10. Both are digital multimeters and pretty good at dealing with all kinds of tests.

Tacklife DM10 2000 Count Digital Multimeter


This is a full-scale multimeter with 2000 counts and Auto Ranging. It is also the Amazon Choice and best seller of Tacklife. It can be replaced with the multimeters manufactured by INNOVA and AstroAI. Prominent features of this multimeter are given as:

  • Auto Ranging
  • True RMS capability with affordable price
  • Big 2.2” backlit LCD
  • Flashlight installed in the multimeter
  • Comes with a battery inside the box
  • Package contains screwdriver and testing leads
  • It has the NCV functionality
  • Auto Shut down feature
  • Hard and strong build
  • AC/DC testing for 600V and 10A
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty

Tacklife DM01 6000 Count Digital Multimeter

Tacklife DM01 multimeter is an upgraded version of the DM10. It comes with even more functionality and features.

  • A big 2.9” 6000 Count LCD, LCD also has a backlight
  • It has an LED intelligent Jack which flashes and ask the user to use it when the relevant range is selected
  • Suitable for automotive and home technician purposes
  • This multimeter has high accuracy
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certification
  • Can perform all types of tests including temperature and duty cycle
  • The flashlight is built into this multimeter
  • Very sturdy and nice for the grip
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Highly accurate multimeters
  • Some features are very practical and useful
  • CAT-III and CART-IV certified
  • The body of multimeters is made up of hard durable material
  • Affordable
  • Expensive models don’t have an auto-range


12. Neoteck

Neoteck is a Chinese electronic brand. Neoteck is specialized in manufacturing different types of electrical and testing tools. Neoteck is focused on manufacturing servo torque, torches, HDMI related accessories, gas detectors, barcode readers, torches and multimeters.

Multimeters developed by Neoteck have great functionalities and they can be compared with Klein Tools, AstroAI and INNOVA for both quality and affordability. But some features are not available in American brands at the same price. Neoteck could have been at top of the list of best multimeter brands if it has more options to chose from. Neoteck multimeters can be compared with Ames multimeters for value for money comparison.

Why Neoteck Multimeters?

  • Affordable
  • Quality products
  • Large collection to choose from
  • Backlit LCD on all models
  • Comes with Flashlight at the top
  • All modes support basic tests
  • Temperature measurement is supported
  • Batteries are shipped with the package
  • Safety Certification and installation of fuses to protect the circuits

Our Top Picks from Neoteck

For recommendation, we have selected Neoteck NT8233D Auto-Ranging multimeter as an affordable choice and Neoteck DM100 (EBTN) TRMS 9999 Count has a premium choice.

Neoteck NT8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

This is a budget multimeter manufactured by Neoteck. This multimeter is suitable for both newbies and professionals.

  • Easy to use
  • Backlit Big LCD
  • Auto Ranging
  • Support resistance up to 20 megaohms
  • Continuity, Frequency, Capacitance and Diode Tests
  • Data Hold Button
  • Built-in Stand
  • 600V and 10V for both AC and DC
  • Comes with Tests Leads, Alligator Clops. Box, User manual inside the package

Neoteck DM100 (EBTN) TRMS 9999 Count Digital Multimeter

This, DM100 also called EBTN, is a premium multimeter developed by the Neoteck it has all the bells and whistles which fluke multimeters have, except for the price and some additional features.

  • A True RMS multimeter
  • Has both manual and Auto-Ranging capabilities
  • Comes with NCV technology which allows contactless voltage detection
  • Has triple overload protection, first, the warning is issued, if exceeded, two fuses protect the motherboard
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • The multimeter has a flashlight with a dedicated button to help to work in the dark
  • Auto Power Off, Data Hold,
  • Low impedance
  • LCD has a Hybrid meter to simulate the old analogue multimeter
  • Temperature measurement in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certified
  • Up to 1000V and 10A tests for both AC and DC tests
  • 100 Mega Ohms resistance range
  • Great quality multimeters
  • Loaded with tons of useful functions
  • Amazing Resistance and voltage ranges
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certification for multimeters
  • Affordable multimeter
  • All basic and advanced tests are supported
  • Less known brand


13. Etekcity Multimeters

Etekcity is China-based cooperation who is specialized in manufacturing smart home-based appliances. These appliances include health-related products, kitchen products, outdoor camping products, practical testing products and beauty products. Etekcity has four offices, two of which are located inside China. While the other two are located in Germany and the USA.

The presence of Etekcity multimeters in Europe and the USA ensures that these multimeters are fully compliant with European and American laws and regulations and these devices are safe and qualified. It is considered a top multimeter brand due to its top ratted multimeters.

Why Etekcity Multimeters?

  • Affordable
  • The company has great experience in Smart devices
  • Comply with American and European Standards
  • Great 24/7 customer service
  • All multimeters have overload protection on all ranges
  • High accuracy
  • Soft backlit LCD on all multimeters
  • 2 years warranty

Our Top Picks from Etekcity

We have selected Etekcity MSR-A600 and MSR-A1000 multimeters. These are designed for all types of users.

Etekcity MSR-A600 Multimeter

Etekcity MSR-A600 is entry level multimeter. It is priced very low to attract newbies and occasional DIYers.

  • Auto Ranging
  • All ranges of the multimeter are protected with fuses
  • 3 samples per second sampling speed allow the multimeter has higher accuracy and precision
  • Data Hold function and low battery indicator
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Large backlit LCD
  • 2-year warranty

Etekcity MSR-A1000 TRMS Digital Multimeter

This is a premium multimeter manufactured by Etekcity. It can easily compete with famous and expensive brands’ multimeters.

  • True RMS multimeter
  • Auto and Manual Ranging available
  • Can measure temperature
  • All basic tests are supported
  • NCV technology for contact-less voltage detection
  • Comes with a large Backlit LCD
  • Data hold and relative reading mode
  • 4 samples per second sampling speed
  • Overload protection with fuses on all ranges
  • 10A and 1000V measurement for both DC and AC
  • Can be used for professional testing
  • Comes with temperature probes inside the box
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes with Kickstand for hand-free operation
  • Auto Shut down feature
  • Accurate Measurements
  • Data hold and relative reading feature
  • Durable housing
  • All basic and advanced tests are supported
  • Require time to stable the reading


14. Tekpower Multimeters

Tekpower is an American-Chinese company who is specialized in manufacturing power supplies and testing equipment. Tekpower has a design and research facility in California and a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China.

Manufacturing in China helps Tekpower to save costs and designing in the USA helps Tekpower to keep up the good quality standards. The main product of the company is the multimeters. These multimeters are produced with good quality material and standards.

Why Tekpower Multimeters?

  • American Designed and China manufactured
  • Offers both analogue and digital multimeters
  • Offers warranty on products
  • High quality Aanlog multimeters
  • Ships with all related accessories
  • Safety Certifications

Our Top Picks from Tekpower

Tekpower manufactures both analogue and digital multimeters. We have selected one from both. One is Tekpower TP8250 analogue multimeter and the other is

Tekpower TP8250 Analog Multimeter

Wonder who uses analogue multimeters? Many professionals use analogue multimeters. The main benefit of analogue multimeters is that they respond immediately and work with classic laws of magnetism and coils. This enables them to report accurate results on carefully manufactured multimeters. TP8250 is one of those multimeters which is built with perfection. Other attributes of this multimeter are:

  • Fast
  • Accurate needle
  • Dual Null position
  • Strong ABS body
  • 500V AC/DC voltages
  • Battery-less operations
  • CAT-II certification
  • Continuity Buzzer

Tekpower TP8236 Digital Multimeter

This is a premium digital multimeter manufactured by Tekpower. This multimeter has all the functions of a modern digital multimeter.

  • True RMS Multimeter
  • Max/Min Data function
  • Data Hold function and relative reading function
  • Auto power off
  • USB support for Data logging on PC
  • Temperature measurement in both °C and °F
  • Large LCD with Backlit
  • CAT-III and CAT-IV certified
  • 1000V and 10A for both AC and DC
  • Package contains the user manual, carrying case, multi-socket function, USB cable, software CD, temperature probes
  • Easy to use
  • Digital multimeters are TRMS and Autoranging
  • Analogue multimeters are accurate
  • Backlit is available
  • All tests can be performed
  • Comes with all required accessories: all probes, carrying case and battery
  • Analog multimeter is expensive


15. Mastech Multimeters

Mastech Enterprises was started by Mr Kai-Yin Ip in the early 1990s. Mastech was started as a small team of experts in a small industrial building. The Hard Work of the team succeeded the company and it was able to start a full manufacturing facility in 1998. Since then, Mastech never looked back and keep on expanding the businesses.

In 2010, Mastech started another production unit in China. In 2016, Mastech expanded to North and Central America with the induction of its office in Mexico. It also acquired a master warehouse in Spain to target the European market.

With more than 30 years of knowledge, Mastech has specialized in Digital Multimeters, Clamp meters, testers, environmental testers and DIY types of equipment and tools. Mastech can easily be listed as the best multimeter brand.

Why Mastech Multimeters?

  • Decades of innovation
  • Great customer service all over the world
  • Affordable multimeters
  • Excellent Research & Development Facilities
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Strict Compliance with IEC
  • CE, ETC, UL and GS certification for being environmentally friendly
  • A vast collection of multimeters

Out top Picks from Mastech

Mastech produces many varieties of multimeters and other testing tools. We have analysed several multimeters and concluded that you should buy Mastech MS8264 and Mastech MS8229 multimeters.

Mastech MS8264 Digital Multimeter

Mastech Ms8264 is a top seller and top choice product on Amazon. It has a decent multimeter rating. This multimeter is best suited for all types of individuals who are interested in either using it for a hobby or professionally at the workplace. Prominent features of MS8264 are given below.

  • Top Seller and top choice
  • Large Backlit LCD with good contrast
  • Temperature measurements
  • CAT-II 1000V and CAT-III 600V certification for safety
  • Auto power-off function
  • 1000 Voltages and 10 Ampere range for AC/DC
  • All ranges are fused for protection
  • Kickstand
  • 1 Year Local USA warranty
  • Package contains test leads, tip caps, multi-functional socket, k-type temperature probes and battery

Mastech MS8229 Digital Multimeter

Mastech MS8229 multimeter is a professional multimeter manufactured by Mastech. This multimeter has professional features. These features are:

  • Auto Ranging Multimeter
  • The display is large and has a back light
  • Comes with battery low warning
  • Overload protection
  • Perform all basic tests including temperature and duty cycle
  • Data hold button
  • Relative reading
  • Auto power off
  • The humidity meter is built-in
  • Can measure sound levels
  • Lux sensor for measuring the Light intensity
  • Resistance Range is 40 Mega Ohms
  • The current Range for DC/AC is 10A
  • The voltage Range for DC/AC is 1000V
  • The package comes with Test Leads, thermocouple probe, user manual and battery
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Clear Display with Backlight
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • CAT-II and CAT-III certification
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Slightly slow


16. Sperry Instruments Multimeters

Sperry Instruments was founded in the year 1966 with the first office located in Hauppauge, New York. Sperry continued to progress and expand by conquering market by market. In 2004, Sperry was acquired by Electrical Construction and Maintenance (ECM) and started operation from the new facility from the new headquarter located at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Sperry Instruments focused on the production of electrical testing equipment and carries the experience of more than 50 years. Multimeters are the most sold and produced products of the multimeters. These multimeters are known to be durable, accurate and safe. However, poor reviews of customers may not favour Sperry Instruments as a candidate for the best multimeter brands.

Why Sperry Instruments Multimeters?

  • Durable and Reliable Instruments
  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Top-notch manufacturing facilities
  • Accurate Circuitry of Multimeters
  • Affordable Instruments
  • Advance Features

Top Picks from Sperry Instruments

Sperry Instruments is specialized in testing equipment. Therefore, the multimeter is a speciality crafted device. For the sake of this article, we have selected Sperry Instruments DM6650T True RMS and Sperry Instruments DM6800 multimeters.

Sperry Instruments DM6800 Multimeter

Sperry Instruments DM6800 multimeter is a midrange digital multimeter and it is suitable for newcomers and newbies. Brief features of these multimeters are:

  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Auto Ranging
  • Can withstand 10 ft drop and 250LB crushing weight
  • CAT-III certification at 600V
  • Supports Current measurement up to 10A for DC/AC
  • Batteries are included.
  • Ships with soft case
  • Compact form factor

Sperry Instruments DM6650T Multimeter

DM6650T is more like a pro multimeter from Sperry Instruments. This one is twice as costly as the DM6800 is. What makes it so special? Let’s have look at the features.

  • Auto Ranging
  • True RMS
  • Precise Circuitry for Accurate Measurements
  • Huge backlit LCD with the analogue bar on it
  • Heavy-duty durable and compact form factor
  • 10 ft Fall and 250lb crush weight
  • NCV capability
  • Ships with Soft Case
  • Up to 750v and 10A range for DC/AC
  • Ships with probes and batteries
  • Supports Basic Tests
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Durable
  • Huge LCD
  • Auto Ranging
  • Low value for money
  • Average multimeters
  • Customers are not happy


We have looked into 16 different good multimeter brands. We have also provided you with all the information you require about these multimeter brands and their top famous products. Now it’s time for a conclusion.

After discussing all these brands and multimeters, we have come to the conclusion that Southwire, KAIWEETS, Keysight and AstroAI are the best multimeter brands. Keysight U1253B and Southwire 15190T are advance coloured data logging multimeters. They cost half of the price of mid-range Fluke multimeters. Fluke is an overpriced brand as compared to these recommended brands. If you are a Fluke lover, then you must give a try to these multimeters, you will forget Fluke.


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