10 Best Multimeters for Electronics Technician

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If you are reading this article, this means that you are in search of the best multimeter for electronics. Finding the best electronic digital multimeter for newbies is annoying and confusing. But we have got you covered. We have selected the 10 best electronic digital multimeters for the electronics hobbyist. Electronics technicians, electronics hobbyists, and beginners.


Which Multimeter Should I buy for Electronics?

There are different features and factors which should be kept in mind while buying a multimeter. These factors are:

  • Brand
  • Purpose and Need (Expectation from the Multimeter)
  • Features


There are some brands that are fully established and well known for their quality products. These brands include Fluke, AstroAI, Keysight, Amprobe and Klein Tools, etc. These brands play a very important role in selecting an electronics digital multimeter.

Fluke is the top multimeter brand with the most premium multimeters in the market. It has the most accurate, durable, and premium multimeters (also costly). Other brands however offer relatively cheap multimeters. But they are not that cheap neither they have poor accuracy. All other brands have different multimeters: cheap and premium. If you want to know about more multimeter brands, see our list of top multimeter brands.

Purpose and Needs

The most prominent factor is the purpose and the need for the multimeter. If a multimeter is required for just referencing, i.e., to check if the readings lay in a specific range or not, then any multimeter with reasonable accuracy and budget can work. But if the purpose of the multimeter is to get precise readings with very minimal error, then one should go for a premium and accurate multimeter.

The accuracy of a multimeter is directly proportional to the price of the multimeter. Because good multimeters have a better internal circuit. Any persona dealing with electronics requires good accuracy in measuring small currents, voltages, and resistances. Therefore, the most important aspects of the multimeter for electronics are its accuracy. A multimeter must be able to record the minute change and reading from the circuits and other small electrical devices like transistors, resistors, capacitors, and diodes, etc. Therefore we can say this multimeter is best for small electronics.

A newbie or newcomer may have different needs. Some electronic hobbyists may be working with small changing values and may require a high precision multimeter. Or may he be dealing with average accuracy but versatile application? We have also covered different multimeters which are


The basic functionality of a multimeter is to measure voltages, current, and resistance. However, modern multimeters have way more than these functions. Some of the features which buyers look at while deciding which multimeter to buy are:


Multimeters come with manual and auto-ranging. There are multiple circuits inside a multimeter these circuits are tuned for different ranges. Feeding a voltage of 600V in a 200mV circuit can burn the circuit. Therefore, selecting the appropriate range is necessary. Manual ranging allows the users to manually select the working range for current and voltages tests. Auto-ranging does the same but automatically, without the intervention of the user. Hence, auto-ranging is very suitable and helpful for newbies and beginners.


As described earlier, the manual ranging multimeter is prone to burn when the incorrect range is selected. This can be avoided by installing appropriate fuses for different circuits. Fuses make sure that they disconnect the circuit before the board gets damaged.

Auto-ranging multimeters are also protected with fuses against sudden surges and spikes in current and voltages. If a multimeter gets overloaded and there is no fuse inside it, it can catch fire or and explode. Hence having a fuse is very important.

The ideal fuse it should be made up of ceramic. Ceramic fuses do not explode. Some other fuses are made up of glass and they exploded when overloaded.

Sported ranges

The basic functionality of a multimeter is to measure the current-voltage and resistance. however modern multimeter does more than that.


Resistance test is the basic functionality of a multimeter there are different ranges of resistance. distance of a small electrical component ranges from 200 Ohms to 20 Mega Ohms. Usually, some multimeter Have more resistance range than this.


A multimeter should be able to measure both AC and DC current. However, the small and cheap multimeter does not have the ability to measure AC current and they support only DC current measurement. The typical range of current is from 200micro A to 10A.


Voltage measurement is also the basic functionality of a multimeter. The typical range of voltage is from 200m volts to 2000 volts.


We have discussed the basic functionality of a multimeter, but modern multimeters are much more capable than this. Most of the modern multimeters come with the functionality of temperature test continuity test and diode test. These tests and functions have also an impact on the decision of the buyer. Cheaper multimeters tend to miss these features.

A quick comparison of all recommended multimeters is given below:





Fluke 287 Multimeter

• Highly Accurate
• Auto Ranging
• All types of Test


Amprobe 30XR-A Multimeter

• Auto Ranging
• Fuses
• Accurate
• Affordable

Fluke 115 TRMS Multimeter

• Auto Ranging
• Premium Build
• Supper Accurate

Klein Tools MM700

• Auto Ranging
• Fused
• Temperature

• Affordable

Amprobe AM-530 Digital Multimeter

• Auto Ranging
• Affordable
• VoltSense
• Flashlight

• Temperature

Innova 3340 Multimeter

• Auto Ranging
• Easy to Use
• Affordable  

AmazonCommercial 90DM860 Multimeter

• Auto Ranging
• True RMS
• Insulation Testing

Fluke 279 Multimeter

• iFlex: 2500A

• IR Thermal Camera 
• Auto Ranging
• Data Logging

Southwire 15190T Multimeter

• Auto Ranging

• Data Logging 
• Color Dislplay
• Wireless Conn.

Etekcity MSR-R500 Multimeter

• Manual Ranging

• Backlit LCD 
• Cheap
• Compact Size

10 Best Multimeters for Electronics Technician

We have gone through several multimeters and tested them. We have assessed the multimeter based on several factors including budget, purpose, safety, and extras. We have discussed the incomplete details below.

1. Fluke 287 Multimeter for Electronics

Fluke 287

Fluke 287 is the best multimeter for electronics technicians. For a professional technician, a professional and premium multimeter is needed. Fluke is a synonym for multimeters. Fluke is known for its amazing accuracy and durability. Fluke multimeters cost more than the others but this price can be justified by the accuracy, safety, and durability of the multimeters. Due to fine excellent circuit quality, the calibration in Fluke multimeters lasts for years and does not need frequent re-calibrations.

Fluke 287 comes with all the essential features which are needed by a professional electronics hobbyist. It is also a complete all-in-one package for an electronics technician.

Fluke 287 also has a big LCD with a backlight. The LCD has a bar graph that simulates the actual analog scale in old analog multimeters. This device is a little bit advance and way expensive than the competitor. Therefore, it may not be the first choice of the new electronics hobbyist.

However, professional electronics technicians always need a durable, reliable, and accurate multimeter for the daily diagnosis of electrical components and wiring, therefore Fluke 287 can be a great choice for the electronics technician.


Fluke comes with tens of different features and functions which enhance the useability of the device.

  • It is suitable for advanced electronics measurements.
  • Fluke 287 has data logging capability, it can capture and log the reading for comparative analysis, even unattended.
  • It can be switched between manual and automatic ranging.
  • Fluke 287 comes with an industrial kit. The industrial kit is safety certified which allows category III and II for 300v and 1000v installation, respectively.
  • The display of the fluke 287 multimeters is a backlit LCD that has a bar graph. The digital count of the LCD is 50000.
  • This multimeter has an auto-off feature that kicks in if the device is left idle.
  • Fluke 287 can log the data in internal memory and it can be exported to an external device with the help of Bluetooth.
  • This multimeter is a True RMS multimeter. That’s mean it has greater accuracy.
  • This multimeter is an HVAC device. HVAC multimeters are very sensitive to the slight changes in the readings. Hence this multimeter can be used in high precision and mission-critical installation and testing.
  • This multimeter is rugged, it has rubber corners that provide drop protection.
  • It comes with magnetic strap holders which can be attached to any metal object for temporarily holding.
  • This multimeter can be labelled as the best multimeter for small electronics.
  • Fluke Industrial Kit 287 comes with many necessary tests. These tests include:
    • AC/DC voltage test
    • AC/DC current test
    • Temperature test
    • Frequency test
    • Solenoids test
    • Continuity of circuit test
    • Non-contact voltage detection
    • Duty cycle
    • Resistance Test
    • Diode Test
  • Fluke 287 also complies with IEC, CSA, and UL.
  • Comply with UL, CSA, and IEC safety standards
  • The display is big with a bar graph and backlight
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Supports advance testing
  • Super Accurate
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Not suitable for newcomers
  • Expensive


2. Amprobe 30XR-A Eletronics Multimeter

amprobe 30XR

Have you tried searching for good multimeter brands? If yes then you must be aware of the Amprobe multimeter. Amprobe is a budget-friendly multimeter brand. If you want good accuracy and you are short on the budget, then Amprobe is the way to go.

Amprobe 30XR-A is an auto-ranging multimeter. It can measure both in AC and DC. It is suitable for both industrial and professional multimeter. Electronics hobbyists can also consider this as a good option. Amprobe 30XR-A can be a good alternative to the Fluke 287 multimeter.


  • Amprobe 30XR-A comes auto-ranging.
  • This is a True RMS multimeter
  • The multimeter has the ability to detect voltages up to 600V without contact.
  • This multimeter supports a variety of tests including temperature, resistance, current, voltages, continuity, and capacitance, etc.
  • Despite being affordable, this multimeter has a data hold option to freeze the readings.
  • Upon low battery, the multimeter indicates it on the screen with a small battery low icon.
  • This multimeter has a rubber housing that protects it from falls. The rubber sides provide a good grip to hands when holding them.
  • Auto shut down features save the battery life by auto shutting the meter down when it’s not in use.
  • Amprobe 30XR-A is fully capable of measuring both AC and DC current for up to 10A.
  • The voltage range of the is up to 600V.
  • Thermo couples probes are shipped with the device which allows the device to check for temperature.
  • Higher versions of this device are capable of logging data and transferring it to the PC using USB and Bluetooth.
  • The carry case and CD of the device software are included in the package.
  • The display is a Large LCD with a count of 1999.
  • The higher version has backlit LCDs with advanced features and a bar graph.
  • This device is capable of displaying error messages to the users.
  • Continuity tests buzz the device when the path between both probes is short.
  • The device also has a magnetic strip that can be used to hang it while in use.
  • No doubt, this is one of the best multimeters for electronics technicians.
  • Amprobe has safety fuses at all ranges. It is also UL certified.

Difference between Variants

Amprobe XXXR series comes with multiple variants. 30XR-A is the base variant while 34XR-A, 355XR-A, 37XR-A, and 38XR-A.

33XR-A has the additional ability to measure the temperature. 34XR-A comes with a backlight LCD and temperature measurement capability. In addition to the features of 34XR-A, 355XR-A can measure the capacitance too. 37XR-A has all abilities of 355XR-A with the additional NST certification. 38XR-A is a top variant of this series, it has all the functionalities of its predecessor, but it also has the PC connection interface. The PC interface allows the multimeter to send and log the data with the PC for analysis.

  • Fuses and UL certification
  • Auto Shutdown and data hold function
  • Large clear LCD
  • 1-year warranty
  • Super Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for newcomers


3. Fluke 115 TRMS Multimeter for Electronics Work

Fluke 115

Fluke 115 Multimeter is one of the best multimeters for electronics work. Fluke 115 is the second Fluke multimeter on our list.  Fluke is a premium brand. Fluke 115 is one of the most affordable multimeters of the Fluke multimeter range.

Fluke 115 multimeter is a versatile multimeter. It is not only suitable for the electronics hobbyist but it can also be used as a professional multimeter. It can also be used as an automotive multimeter. You can read more about the best automotive multimeter. The feature-rich multimeter is still easy to use even with lots of features.


  • The display is a 6000 count LCD with a backlight option to work even in poorly lit areas.
  • The multimeter is suitable for even light industrial usage.
  • The design of the multimeter is very compact and minimalist. The Multimeter looks sturdy in hand with a good grip over it.
  • This multimeter comes with all the basic tests like the voltage, current, resistances, capacitances, and frequency.
  • This multimeter has a considerable good accuracy. It has the same accuracy as it is expected from any other Fluke multimeter.
  • It can read up to 20A for 30 seconds and up to 10A for as long as the user wants.
  • Fluke 115 is an auto-ranging multimeter and it can adjust the internal circuitry according to the input it is getting.
  • It also has the feature to store minimum and maximum readings of a session. It can also calculate the average readings of the session.
  • The multimeter is a True RMS multimeter. True RMS technology allows the multimeter to record more types of complex signals resulting in great accuracy.
  • This device is CAT-III 600V certified. Moreover, all the ranges of this multimeter are protected with fuses against any type of surge.
  • This multimeter is a good multimeter for electronics.
  • It comes with a holster, user manual, battery, and test probes.
  • It is compact
  • Solid build quality
  • Large Backlit LCD
  • Safety with CAT-III certification and fuses
  • True RMS multimeter
  • Auto power off
  • Good Accuracy
  • Expensive
  • No Micro/Milliamp range


4. Klein Tools MM700

best multimeter brands

In the noise of expensive and premium multimeters, Klein Tools MM700 is the best all-rounder multimeters. It is neither expensive nor cheap. MM700 can be said as the best multimeter for electronics hobbyists. It is affordable with decent accuracy and tons of features. It can also be used as professional electronics work or as a professional multimeter. It is not suitable for industrial applications or for projects which require extreme accuracy. However, this multimeter is best suited for electronics hobbyist who is amateur and wants to play with the electronics for fun.

It carries all the bells and whistles which are common in modern multimeters: big backlit screen, auto-ranging, True RMS. Klein Tools MM700 features all the important features which are essentials for an electronics multimeter. Klein Tools is an American brand all the manufacturing is done in the USA. It is a famous brand in the USA.


  • MM700 comes with both Manual and Auto-ranging. Use can switch between manual and auto-ranging according to the demand of the project.
  • This multimeter can measure both AC and DC voltages for up to 1000V.
  • MM700 is capable of measuring both AC and DC current up to 10A.
  • The resistance range in this multimeter is 40M ohms.
  • The accuracy of the multimeter is fairly good and it offers decent accuracy due to its True RMS technology.
  • The Multimeter is capable of measuring temperature with temperature probes.
  • The display screen of the multimeter is fairly large and clear. It has the backlight option and offers better viewing angles even in poorly lit areas.
  • The display also features a bar graph at the bottom.
  • MM700 has auto shutdown features that turn off the device if it is left unattended for a certain period.
  • It also supports the recording of minimum and maximum readings of a session.
  • The multimeter can also perform the relative readings. Relative reading is performed by setting an existing reading as a point of reference. For example, if the reference reading is 100V then a reading of 120V will be displayed as 20V. Similarly, a reading of 90V will appear -10V on the screen of the multimeter.
  • This multimeter is protected with fuses and CAT-IV 600V certification.
  • The package contains a meter, testing leads, batteries, thermocouple lead, alligator clips, user manual, and a carry case.
  • Tough and rigid multimeter
  • Comes with temperature measurement
  • Offers micro/milli range
  • Min, Max, and Rel modes
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Fairly accurate
  • Affordable
  • Slow


5. Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter

amprobe am530

Amprobe AM-530 is a solid build good multimeter. It offers great value for the money. It comes with non-contact voltage detection. It can detect and approximately measure them without contacting them with the wires. It is suitable for electricians and can be term as the best multimeter for the electronics hobbyist.

The multimeter is a TRMS multimeter. It also has a built-in temperature and flashlight inside it. Due to versatile features and amazingly affordable prices, this is the affordable electronics multimeter hobbyist. It can be used by automotive technicians, home technicians, and seasonal hobbyists.


  • Amprobe A-530 is a True RMS multimeter. It can measure the more complex sinusoidal waves. This results in increased accuracy and reliability.
  • This multimeter is auto-ranging and can adjust the range automatically.
  • Amprobe A-530 has a voltage range of 400mV to 600V and a current range of 400μA to 10A.
  • The resistance range is 400Ω to 40MΩ.
  • This multimeter can measure temperatures ranging from 32 to 212C using a built-in sensor. Additional thermocouple probes give the ability to measure temperature from -40F to 1832F.
  • The multimeter is capable of measuring resistance, voltage, and current for both AC and DC.
  • The price range of this multimeter is affordable.
  • Display on this multimeter is a backlit LCD with clear viewing angles and a bar graph on it.
  • Amprobe A-530 has a beep for the continuity test.
  • This multimeter is capable of storing minimum and maximum readings of a section.
  • The relative reading feature is also present in this multimeter.
  • The dedicated data hold button allows the multimeter to freeze the readings on the screen for note-taking.
  • This multimeter has a back flashlight which is great while working in dark or poorly lit conditions.
  • The device has the auto-power off feature which triggers if the device is left unattended for a while.4
  • The multimeter has safety certification of CAT-IV 600V and CAT-III 1000V.
  • Non-contact voltage detection feature is also available in this multimeter.
  • The package is shipped with a multimeter, battery, test leads, carry case, k-types thermocouples, and user manual.
  • Feature-rich product
  • Build quality is good
  • VoltSense
  • Built-in and external temperature probes
  • Supports microamps and milli voltages
  • Slow in detecting ranges
  • VoltSense is not much reliable


6. Innova 3340 Multimeter

Innova is a brand known for budget-friendly high-quality multimeter. Innova 3340 is a lightweight feature-packed multimeter. This electronics multimeter has everything which a professional technician requires for the work. Amazing tens of hundreds of the multimeters, this multimeter has made it to the top best multimeter for electronics work.

This digital multimeter is versatile, it has come dedicated features for automotive inspection and repairing. These features enable it to be used professionally in the working environment.


  • This multimeter is an auto-ranging multimeter.
  • The Hold function allows a person to save data on the multimeter screen and use it later. A dedicated button is available on the Innova 3340 automotive multimeter for this reason.
  • Min and Max’s values are also supported by the Innova 3340. When used, this feature saves the test’s minimum and maximum values.
  • This multimeter is designed to last. It has rubberized edges. Drop safety is provided by rubber corners.
  • This multimeter is designed to last. It has rubberized edges. Drop safety is provided by rubber corners.
  • Despite its low price, this digital multimeter provides auto shutdown capability. The device shuts down itself if it remains idle for a certain time.
  • This multimeter has some tests which are specific to automotive applications and diagnosis. These uses of the multimeter make it the best multimeter for electronics mechanics.
  • The automotive tests include the battery test, ignition coils check, diodes and lights check, and RPM meter.
  • The multimeter comes with 600V maximum voltage and 15A current measurement for both AC and DC.
  • The resistance range of the multimeter is 40M Ohms.
  • All the ranges of the multimeter are protected with the fuses, except for the 15A range. The device is also CAT-III certified.
  • Support all types of test
  • Professional-grade features
  • Auto Ranging
  • Very Affordable
  • Large LCD
  • Accuracy is not great
  • LCD has no backlit


7. AmazonCommercial 90DM860 Multimeter

amazon commercial 90dm860

AmazonCommercial is a brand of Amazon. This brand is focused on developing and selling the best commercial-grade products and tools. These tools and products range from food services tools to electrical testing equipment. Amazon has extensive data about user choices and feedback about these tools. These tools are built and designed based on the customer opinion and choices gathered from the data of other brands. 90DM860 multimeter is an insulation tester with all the functionality of a good multimeter.

The main objective of this device can be insulation testing, but it still has all the features of a multimeter. This is the reason for including this tester in our list. This is a True-RMS multimeter with a great quality screen, safety, and features. This multimeter has micro and mini ranges for current and voltages which makes it versatile and more useful than other brands like Fluke which lacks micro/milli ranges in them.  The main features of this multimeter are given below:


  • This multimeter has True-RMS technology which allows more precise readings.
  • Besides being a multimeter, this device has an insulation testing capability. The insulation testing can be done with the big red-colored dedicated button. The range of the insulation test is 0.001MΩ to 4000MΩ.
  • The display of the multimeter is one of the largest LCD screens with a backlight and bar graph on the screen.
  • This one of the few multimeters which are IP67 rated. This means the multimeter can be immersed in the water without being damaged. This multimeter is water-resistant, but it is not waterproof. Water can damage the multimeter if it is left inside the water for too long or more than the recommended duration.
  • This device is super safe. It has three safety ratings, CAT-II 1000V, CAT-III 1000V, and CAT-IV 600V.
  • This multimeter has fuses on all the ranges for protecting it against unwanted damage due to overloading.
  • AmazonCommercial 90DM860 multimeter has all the basic functions and features like, MIN, MAX, REL, and HOLD. Min and max are used to store the maximum values of a session to know the lowest and highest value. REL button allows the device to take the readings in relative manners where readings are displayed as a result of the difference from the base values.
  • This multimeter also has an additional option to store a value for as long as the user wants. STORE button is used to store the current value in the internal memory of the device. This stored value can be seen after pressing the STORE button again.
  • This multimeter support insulation test, low ohm resistance, AC/DC voltage, and current measurement, frequency/duty cycle. Diode tests, continuity tests, temperature tests.
  • The device can measure DC/AC voltage from 50mV to 1000V.
  • The supported current range is 500 µA to 10A for both AC and DC.
  • The resistance range is 50 Ohm to 50M Ohm.
  • The temperature test is carried out by thermocouple probes. These probes allow the temperature to range from -50 Celsius to 1350 Celsius degree.
  • The design of the multimeter is very compact and can be fitted into the pocket or in any case easily.
  • The build quality is great, and the multimeter looks sturdy in hand. This multimeter has a kickstand at the back of the multimeter. They are also two test probe holders and the back of the machine.
  • Massive backlit LCD
  • Water Resistance
  • Insulation Test
  • Min/Max, REL, HOLD, STORE supported
  • CAT-II, CAT-III, CAT-IV certification
  • No rubber housing around the multimeter


8. Fluke 279 FC Multimeter

Fluke 279 FC

This is a masterpiece from the Fluke, it has not only the functionality of a multimeter but also has the capabilities of a thermal scanner. It is one of the first in the domain of multimeters because it can read most electrical ranges as well as identify and report electrical problems. Although this is pricey, it is more productive than having an infrared scanner and multimeter separately. Owning separate units of multimeter and thermal imager is not more expensive but it is also a mess.

If the price is ignored, this is the most usefully, productive, and best multimeter for electronics professionals. This multimeter can be used at any place you name it: in industry, in-home, in professional repairing, and electronic hobbies. A thermal imager can detect excessive heat and cold in different working conditions. This makes the multimeter versatile and useable in many situations.

The multimeter can also be connected to the smartphone using the Fluke Connect application. The connectivity allows the device to send the data and images to the mobile and PC for analysis and storing purposes. This multimeter is best suited for professionals who are working in heavy industry or who have to deal with hot machinery.


  • Thermal imaging is the most prominent feature of the multimeter. Thermal imaging enables the user to identify the hot areas. As most of the time, heat indicates the problem, this multimeter can help the electronics professional in narrow downing the problematic area.
  • The thermal camera has a resolution of 102 by 77. This is not very good, but it is decent enough to do the job. The camera can work from a distance of 20 feet. The temperature range of the camera is 14°F to 392°F. The internal memory of the multimeter can store up to 100 images.
  • Fluke Connect is an application that allows certain fluke products to connect with mobile devices to share images, readings, and other data. Fluke 297 FC has Bluetooth connectivity and a Wi-Fi connectivity option. The connection allows the Fluke 297 to share live images, graphs, and readings.
  • Like most other high-end multimeters of Fluke, the Fluke 279 FC is made in the United States. It’s made of high-quality plastics and covered by a tough rubber holster with a built-in kickstand. The rubber sleeve protects it from drop and damages.
  • This multimeter has a large, colored LCD. The size of the display is 3.5 inches. The resolution of the screen is 60 by 80 which updates 4 times a second. This display and the thermal imager is the main selling point of this multimeter.
  • This is a True RMS multimeter and has a very good accuracy due to this technology.
  • This is also an auto-ranging multimeter and can set the ranges according to the input applied.
  • For physical protection, the multimeter has been made with durable material and it is housed in a durable sleeve. The sleeve provides fall protection. Fluke 297 FC is ANSI drop test certified and can withstand a drop of 9.8Ft without sustaining any damages.
  • Fluke 297 is CAT-III (1000V) and CAT-IV (600V) certified.
  • This multimeter also has built-in fuses which protect the internal circuitry from protentional overloading and damages.
  • This also has the auto power-off feature to turn the device off after a certain time.
  • The multimeter has the hold, min, and max options too.
  • The whole system is powered up by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The voltage range for both AC and DC is from 600mV to 1000V.
  • The resistance range of the multimeter is 600 Ohm to 50M Ohm.
  • AC/DC current can be measured from 0.1A to 2500A using iFlex technology.
  • The package contains a multimeter, holster, battery pack, battery charger, and a three-year warranty.
  • Infrared Thermal Scanner
  • Big Coloured Screen
  • Fluke Connect available
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Accuracy is amazing
  • Great Functionality
  • A very high amperage range is supported
  • No micro/milliamp range
  • Battery needs removal for charging
  • Super Expensive
  • iFlex Loops are expensive


9. Southwire 15190T Multimeter

best multimeter brands

Just like Fluke 297 FC multimeter, Southwire 15190T multimeter has the capability of data logging and Bluetooth connectivity. But it does not have the thermal imaging feature. It costs nearly five times less than the Fluke 297 FC multimeter. Therefore, if you have budget limitations and still want to have a great multimeter with all the data logging and graphing capabilities, Southwire 15190T is the answer.

Southwire 15190T has a large, colored LCD for viewing graphs and data. It has onboard storage which can store the readings and other data locally when a Bluetooth connection is not available. It can also transmit live readings to the smartphone using the MApp mobile application. The mobile application can be paired with the multimeter using Bluetooth. MApp can create graphs, add notes and photos to the data received from the multimeter.

This multimeter is very cost-effective and great value for the money. Indeed, this multimeter is one of the best multimeters for electronics professionals and technicians who want to perform data logging and testing for industrial and professional uses. You can do real time measurement, data logging, email and gps locations through their app.  This multimeter is also suitable for those electronics hobbyist who wants to play with the data and graphs. Real-time data logging is a great option for inspecting the working of real-time critical electrical equipment. Other prominent features of this multimeter are listed below.

All the Southwire multimeter reviews show that this brand has a decent working and functional multimeter and it can be a substitute for Fluke multimeters.


  • This digital electronic multimeter has a large high-resolution color display that can show the graphs and readings in a very clear and efficient manner. The display is backlit LCD therefore it can easily work in dark and poor lit environments.
  • Southwire 15190T has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity option that can connect the multimeter to smartphone devices. MApp is a mobile application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows the drawing of graphs, sketches, notes, and live feed from the multimeter.
  • The MApp application has the option to create a detailed report of the session. Settings of the multimeter can be adjusted from the MApp. In case of any issue, the user can send an email to the manufacturer from the application.
  • This multimeter also has onboard memory, and it can log the data locally in the absence of a smartphone. The logged data can be transferred to the mobile application after connecting it with the mobile.
  • The menu is very useful and easy to use. All the functionalities of the multimeter can be accessed from this interactive menu.
  • The multimeter is rugged and has drop protection against accidental falls. The multimeter can withstand drops from small heights.
  • The multimeter has a safety rating of CAT-IV 600V and CAT-III 1000V.
  • The voltage range for AC/DC is from 500mV to 1000V.
  • The current range for AC/DC is from 500μA to 10A.
  • Southwire 15190T supports the resistance range of 500Ω to 50MΩ.
  • This multimeter can measure the temperature from -200 to 1350°C using k-type thermocouple probes.
  • This multimeter has a rechargeable battery that supports quick charging and can be fully charged in a small time. A fully charged battery can last nearly 11 hours of use and connectivity.
  • This multimeter is shipped with an extra battery which can give additional backup of another 11 hours.
  • This is one of the good multimeters for electronics.
  • The box contains a multimeter, additional battery, a charger, test leads, temperature probes, handing strap, a bag, and a user manual.
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Data logging via Bluetooth
  • Accurate Readings
  • Supports a variety of tests
  • Affordable
  • Big Coloured LCD
  • Can’t be used while charging
  • Southwire multimeter reviews indicate that No battery replacement from manufactured


10. Etekcity MSR-R500 Multimeter

etekcity MSR-R500

MSR-R500 multimeter is a mini multimeter and it is very cheap. We have featured different multimeter with different prices in this list. But this is a good multimeter and it is the cheapest of them all. This multimeter is suitable for those electronics hobbyists who are new to this hobby and do not want to spend significant money on the multimeter. This is a great learning multimeter, and it can help the users in learning about the use of a multimeter.

This multimeter is not recommended for anyone who needs accuracy or wants to use this multimeter in his professional life. However, we can label this multimeter as the best DMM for electronics beginners. Professionals can only use this multimeter just to get a rough idea of the readings. They should not reply to the accuracy of this multimeter. Still, at this price, this multimeter has average accuracy and basic testing capabilities.


  • This multimeter is super affordable, it cost a fraction of the other multimeters.
  • The display of the multimeter is a clear LCD that has a backlight to work in the dark and poor lit areas.
  • The multimeter can measure the resistance for up to 200M Ohms.
  • The maximum current which can be measured by the multimeter is 10A. This multimeter can only measure the DC current.
  • The voltage range is up to 500V but it is available for both AC and DC.
  • Despite being the cheapest multimeter, this multimeter has the data hold button which is used to freeze the readings on the screen.
  • The multimeter is capable of many tests including diode and connectivity tests.
  • The multimeter is very small in size and It comes in a rubber housing that protects it from falls.
  • The accuracy of the multimeter is average, it is not too good, but neither it is bad.
  • The package contains an electronic digital multimeter, test probes, battery, and user manual.
  • Lightweight
  • Clear Backlit LCD
  • Hold Function
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Very Affordable
  • Fairly Accurate
  • Manual Ranging
  • Limited Tests


Final Words

The market is full of tens of hundreds of multimeters which comes in a wide variety of price and features. These multimeter target specific users, one multimeter may be suitable for a beginner but may not be suitable for a professional working in the industry. This article lists the top best multimeter for electronics hobbyists and technicians. The multimeters listed here target different segments of the users based on their demands and the budget.

If you are into brands thing, you can know about top multimeter brands. You can also know the overall best multimeters by following this article.




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